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The Great Fight (2011)

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The Great Fight (2011)

aka The Great Fight

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Details: 0 mins · English


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Small Dr. Salvatore Reno
Small Judge Frier
Small John Cooper
Small Randi Toney
Small Jill Tantino
Small Sandra Chilton
Small Chief Bocchino
No_movie_poster Zane Carroll
No_movie_poster Juan
Small Katerina
No_movie_poster Dutch Holland
No_movie_poster Megan Wolff
Small Jennifer
No_movie_poster Al Ryan


No_movie_poster Ken Del Vecchio Writer
No_movie_poster Sherri Kauk Director
No_movie_poster Ken Del Vecchio Production
No_movie_poster Ken Del Vecchio Story Contributor


A disgraced police man is sent to work security at a local high school and ends up training an autistic boy with talents for mixed martial arts.