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The Hangover (2009)

aka The Hangover

"Some guys just can't handle Vegas."

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 100 mins · English · R (USA)


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Total Fun

Derived pure amusement. Was a riveting watch, had me deeply engrossed in the events. Nothing else to merit, no other artistic aspects stood out. Just a comdely that served fit.

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Very Good

All their crazy shit is EPIC. Forget the trilogy, this is one of the best comedies of all time on its own.

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Not my kind of humor. I'm not even a tiny bit curiuos about the second one. (or the thrd for that matter)

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Small Phil Wenneck
Small Stu Price
Small Alan Garner
Small Doug Billings
Small Jade
Small Tracy Garner
Small Sid Garner
Small Melissa
Small Mr. Chow
Small Himself
Small Black Doug
No_movie_poster Leonard
Small Officer Franklin
Small Officer Garden
Small Eddie Palermo
No_movie_poster Neeco
Small Chow's #1
No_movie_poster Stephanie
No_movie_poster Wedding Singer
Small Lisa
Small Officer Foltz
Small Mr. Creepy
No_movie_poster Linda
No_movie_poster Police Clerk
Small Tailor
No_movie_poster Orderly
No_movie_poster Roman Soldier at Caesar's Palace
No_movie_poster Hotel Guest at Valet
No_movie_poster High Roller
No_movie_poster Doctor


No_movie_poster Jon Lucas Screenplay
Small Scott Moore Screenplay
Small Todd Phillips Director
No_movie_poster Daniel Goldberg Production
Small Todd Phillips Production
Small Scott Moore Writer
No_movie_poster Debra Neil-Fisher Editing


"Some guys just can't handle Vegas."


Celebrating his upcoming marriage to Tracy Garner, Doug Billings, and his best friends Phil Wenneck, Stu Price, and Tracy's brother and Doug's future brother-in-law Alan travel to Las Vegas in Alan's father's Mercedes for a bachelor party, staying at Caesars Palace. They relax in the room and go to a casino, and celebrate with few drinks on the hotel rooftop.

The next morning, Phil, Stu and Alan awaken to find they have no memory of the previous night, and Doug is nowhere to be found. Stu is missing a tooth, their hotel suite is in disarray, a tiger is in their bathroom, a chicken in their living room, and a baby is in the closet. They find Doug's mattress impaled on a statue outside of their hotel and when they ask for their Mercedes, the valet delivers an LVPD police cruiser.

Following clues to their steps, the trio travel to a hospital where they discover they were drugged with rohypnol ("roofies"), causing their memory loss, and that they came to the hospital from a chapel. At the chapel, they learn that Stu married a stripper, Jade, despite having a long-term relationship with his mean-spirited girlfriend, Melissa. Outside the chapel, the trio are attacked by gangsters, saying they are looking for someone. They flee and visit Jade, discovering that she is the mother of the baby, before being arrested by the police for stealing the police cruiser.

Having been told that the Mercedes has been impounded, the trio is released when they volunteer to be targets for a taser demonstration, unknowingly. While driving the Mercedes, they discover a naked Chinese guy in the trunk who attacks them and flees. Alan confesses that he drugged their drinks to ensure they had a good night, thinking the drug to be ecstasy.

Returning to their villa, they find Mike Tyson, who orders the trio to return the tiger to his mansion immediately. Stu drugs the tiger with the remaining rohypnol and they drive towards Tyson's home in the Mercedes, but the tiger attacks them, claws Phil on his neck, and damages the car's interior. After pushing the car the rest of the way to the mansion, Tyson shows the trio footage of them at his house to help them locate Doug. While driving, their car is struck by another vehicle intentionally; the passengers are revealed to be the gangsters from the chapel and their boss, Leslie Chow – the naked man from their trunk – who accuses the trio of stealing $80,000 of his money that was in his purse and kidnapping him.

As the guys try to deny this, Chow says he has their friend, and threatens to kill him if his money is not returned. Unaware of the location of Chow's $80,000, Alan, with help from Stu and Jade, uses his knowledge of card counting to win $82,400 playing Blackjack. They meet with Chow and exchange the money, only to find that "Doug" is the drug dealer, nicknamed Black Doug by the trio, who inadvertently sold Alan the roofies.

With the wedding occurring in 5 hours, Phil tells Tracy (by phone) they cannot find Doug. Following a conversation with "Black Doug", Stu realizes where Doug is. The trio travel back to their hotel where they find Doug on the roof, moved there on his mattress while he was asleep, as a practical joke by Stu, Phil and Alan. Before leaving, Stu makes arrangements to go on a date with Jade the following week. With less than four hours before the wedding and with no flights to L.A. available, the foursome race home, with Doug revealing he has possession of Chow's original $80,000. Despite their late arrival, Doug and Tracy are married and Stu breaks up with Melissa after having grown tired of her controlling his life. As the reception ends, Alan finds Stu's digital camera detailing the events they cannot remember and the four agree to look at the pictures together before deleting the evidence of their exploits.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2009-06-05 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2009-05-30 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2009-06-02 : Lithuania

Theatrical : 2009-06-02 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2009-06-05 : Canada

Theatrical : 2009-06-10 : Iceland

Theatrical : 2009-06-10 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : Australia

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : Croatia

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : Kazakhstan

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : New Zealand

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : Russia

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : Slovakia

Theatrical : 2009-06-11 : Ukraine

Theatrical : 2009-06-12 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2009-06-12 : Latvia

Theatrical : 2009-06-12 : Lithuania

Theatrical : 2009-06-12 : Taiwan

Theatrical : 2009-06-12 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2009-06-17 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2009-06-18 : Czech Republic

Theatrical : 2009-06-18 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2009-06-18 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2009-06-19 : Bulgaria

Theatrical : 2009-06-19 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2009-06-19 : Italy

Theatrical : 2009-06-19 : Norway

Theatrical : 2009-06-19 : South Africa

Theatrical : 2009-06-24 : Finland

Theatrical : 2009-06-24 : France

Theatrical : 2009-06-24 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2009-06-26 : India

Theatrical : 2009-07-10 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2009-07-16 : Greece

Theatrical : 2009-07-23 : Germany

Theatrical : 2009-07-23 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2009-07-24 : Austria

Theatrical : 2009-07-24 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2009-07-29 : Egypt

Theatrical : 2009-07-30 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2009-07-30 : Israel

Theatrical : 2009-07-30 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2009-07-30 : Thailand

Theatrical : 2009-08-07 : Poland

Theatrical : 2009-08-10 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2009-08-12 : Philippines

Theatrical : 2009-08-13 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2009-08-14 : Colombia

Theatrical : 2009-08-14 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2009-08-14 : Panama

Theatrical : 2009-08-14 : Spain

Theatrical : 2009-08-14 : Uruguay

Theatrical : 2009-08-20 : Peru

Theatrical : 2009-08-21 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2009-08-28 : Venezuela

Theatrical : 2009-09-17 : Syria

Theatrical : 2010-07-03 : Japan

DVD : 2009-12-15

2009-09-21 : Japan

2010-03-27 : Japan

2011-10-20 : Japan