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The Harvey Girls (1946)

aka The Harvey Girls

Details: 102 mins · English


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Small Susan Bradley
Small Ned Trent
Small Chris Maule
Small Em
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No_movie_poster George Sidney Director
No_movie_poster Robert Alton Director
No_movie_poster Arthur Freed Production
No_movie_poster Samson Raphaelson Writer
No_movie_poster Edmund Beloin Writer
No_movie_poster James O'Hanlon Writer
No_movie_poster Harry Crane Writer
No_movie_poster Eleanore Griffin Story Contributor


A group of "Harvey Girls", new waitresses for Fred Harvey's pioneering chain of Harvey House restaurants, travels on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe (AT&SF) Railway to the western fictional town of Sandrock, apparently somewhere in Arizona. On the trip they meet Susan Bradley (Judy Garland), who travels to the same town to marry the man whose beautiful letters she received when she answered a "lonely-hearts" ad. Unfortunately, when she arrives, the man turns out to be an "old coot" who does not at all meet her expectations – and he also wants not to get married as much as she wants not to marry him, so they agree to call it off. When she learns that someone else, the owner of the local saloon, Ned Trent (John Hodiak), wrote the letters as a joke, she confronts him and tells him off, in the process endearing herself to him.

Then Susan joins the Harvey Girls, and she soon becomes their leader in fighting against the attempts by Trent's business associate, Judge Sam Purvis (Preston Foster), to scare them off – and against the animosity of the dance-hall girls and, apparently, prostitutes, led by Em (Angela Lansbury), who is in love with Trent, and who sees Susan as a rival. Trent visits to see the value of the Harvey House and other trappings of civilization, then he tells Purvis to leave them alone, but Purvis continues with his campaign of intimidation, finally burning down the restaurant. Trent offers his saloon as a replacement, and Em and the dance-hall girls leave town. Susan, thinking that Trent too is leaving, gets on the train, but Em, seeing that Susan loves Trent so much that she's willing to give up everything for him, stops the train and points out Trent, riding toward them on his horse. The film ends with their wedding in the desert, surrounded by the Harvey Girls.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2001-04-30