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The Help (2011)

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The Help (2011)

aka The Help

"Change begins with a whisper."

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Details: 146 mins · English · PG-13 (USA)


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Great film

Quote: Hilly Holbrook: "Have you lost your mind?" Minny Jackson: "No ma'am, but you 'bout to."

Description: this film really touched me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the dynamic between the help and skeeter, skeeter and the upperclass people, and the upperclass people and the help. It is very

Date first watched: 25/11/18

Favourite character: the mum of Hilly Holbrook and also the

least favourite character: Hilly (duh). But the thing is, she is such a great character to hate, (the actress does a great job) so I don't know if that counts. So I guess I would have to go with Isaac? Is that his name? Skeeter's partner for some of the movie.

Favourite part: the part where Hilly gets the pie...!

Least favourite part: This is one of the best scenes, but its still painful to watch. The part where the lady says goodbye to the little girl. It made me cry.

Times watched: 2

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I am shocked at how much I liked this movie. I put off watching it for the longest time. And I'm very sad that I did because this was very good.
I pushed it off because I didn't think the story would be compelling. I thought it would show stereotypes rather than characters. Thankfully I was very wrong.
The characters were very genuine and true. The focus was not on Skeeter which was marvelous. Especially since it wasn't truly her story. I was pissed at all of these characters. I wanted to shout at the screen. Very well done.

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Absolutely Brilliant.

I absolutely loved this film and I was hooked from start to finish.
Truly inspirational and still hits home just how dreadful slave labour was, even going back to the 1950's & 1960's, not that long ago to think that society thought that it was acceptable to segregate white and black people. Extremely disturbing that we treated fellow mankind in that way and truly gets to your heart.
This is a must watch for anyone who enjoys a good movie, I would highly recommend this film.

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Small Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan
Small Hilly Holbrook
Small Johnny Foote
Small Missus Walters
Small Aibileen Clark
Small Minny Jackson
Small Constantine Jefferson
Small Yule Mae Davis
Small Celia Foote
Small Charlotte Phelan
Small Elain Stein
Small Mary Beth Caldwell
No_movie_poster Robert Phelan
Small Stuart Whitworth
Small Elizabeth Leefolt
Small Preacher Green
No_movie_poster Cora
No_movie_poster Bus Driver
Small Henry The Waiter
Small Mr. Blackly
No_movie_poster Gretchen
Small Raleigh Leefolt
No_movie_poster Carlton Phelan
No_movie_poster Gracie Higginbotham


No_movie_poster Stephen Goldblatt Director of Photography
Small Chris Columbus Producer
No_movie_poster Michael Barnathan Producer
Small Tate Taylor Director
No_movie_poster Kathryn Stockett Screenplay
No_movie_poster Brunson Green Producer
Small Tate Taylor Writer
No_movie_poster Kathryn Stockett Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Hughes Winborne Editing


"Change begins with a whisper."


Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) is a 50-year-old black maid who has spent her life raising white children and has recently lost her only son. Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) is another black maid and Aibileen's best friend whose outspokenness has gotten her fired a number of times; she has built up a reputation for being a difficult employee, but she makes up for this with her phenomenal cooking skills.

Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan (Emma Stone) is a young white woman who has recently moved back home to her family's plantation after graduating from Ole Miss to find that her beloved childhood maid, Constantine (Cicely Tyson), has quit while she was away. Skeeter is skeptical, because she believes Constantine would not have left without writing to her.

Unlike her friends, who attended university to find husbands (and are now all married and having children), Skeeter is single, has a degree, and wants to begin a career as a writer. Her first job is as a "homemaker hints" columnist in the local paper. With Constantine gone, Skeeter asks Aibileen, the maid to her good friend, Elizabeth (Ahna O'Reilly), for her help in answering domestic questions. Skeeter becomes uncomfortable with the attitude her friends have towards their "help," especially Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard) and her "Home Help Sanitation Initiative", a proposed bill to provide for separate toilets for black help because she believes (as she puts it) that "black people carry different diseases to white people." Amidst the era of discrimination based on color, Skeeter is one of the few who believe otherwise, and she decides to write a book based on the lives of the maids who have spent their entire lives taking care of white children.

The maids are at first reluctant to talk to Skeeter, because they are afraid that they will lose their jobs or worse. Aibileen is the first to share her stories, after she overhears Hilly's initiative, and realizes that the children whom she has been raising are growing up to be just like their parents. Her friend Minny has just been fired as Hilly's maid as a punishment for Minny using the house bathroom during a thunderstorm (revealed by Aibileen to have spawned a tornado and killed eighteen people: ten white, eight black), instead of going to use the separate outdoor toilet. Hilly poisons all the other families against Minny, making it impossible for her to find other work, and her daughter is forced to drop out of school to find a job as a maid. Minny initially declines to participate in Skeeter's book research, but later agrees to share her stories. Aibileen helps her find work with Celia Foote (Jessica Chastain), who is married to a rich socialite (Mike Vogel), but is an outcast from the other society ladies (as influenced by Hilly), because she was born into a working-class family and her husband is Hilly's ex-boyfriend. Also, unlike Hilly, Celia treats Minny with respect.

Skeeter writes a draft of the book, with Minny and Aibileen's stories in it, and sends it to Miss Stein (Mary Steenburgen), an editor for Harper & Row in New York City, New York. Miss Stein thinks there may be some interest in it, but requires at least a dozen more maids' contributions before it can become a viable book. Believing that the book will only be publishable during the Civil Rights movement, which she believes is a passing fad, Stein advises Skeeter to finish the book soon. No one comes forward, until Medgar Evers is assassinated in Jackson, Mississippi, and Hilly's latest maid is brutally arrested (for attempting to pawn one of Hilly's rings, to pay for her twins' college tuition, after Hilly had refused to give her a loan). With racial tensions running high, the maids realize that Skeeter's book will give them an opportunity for their voices to be heard, and Skeeter suddenly has numerous stories to include. Minny shares one last story with Skeeter and Aibileen, which she calls the "Terrible Awful," to ensure that no one will reveal that the book was written about Jackson, Mississippi. As revenge for being fired and accused of stealing, Minny bakes a chocolate pie and delivers it to Hilly. After Hilly has finished two slices, Minny informs her that she has baked her own feces into the pie. Minny tells Aibileen and Skeeter that if they add that part into the book, Hilly will try to prevent anyone from figuring out that she made her eat human feces and will convince the town that the book is not about Jackson. The book is almost finished, except for Skeeter's own story of being brought up by Constantine. Skeeter manages to find out what had happened to Constantine, when her mother, Charlotte (Allison Janney), finally explains that she reluctantly fired her in order to save face during a reception. Soon afterwards, feeling guilty about the incident since the Phelans are quite close to their help, Charlotte had sent Skeeter's brother to bring Constantine home from Chicago, Illinois, where she was living with her daughter Rachel, but he discovered that she had died, not long after leaving Jackson. However, Constantine's daughter forgives them knowing that the family they served genuinely loved them.

The book is accepted for publication and is a success, much to the delight of Skeeter and the maids. She shares her royalties with each of the maids who contributed, and is offered a job with a publishing company in New York City. She tells her boyfriend about the job and the book. Revolted by her ideas of racial equality, he immediately breaks up with her. Later in the afternoon, Hilly hatches a plan to get rid of Aibileen as Elizabeth's help, by falsely accusing her of stealing silver. Elizabeth tries to defend Aibileen, but to no avail. Aibileen denounces Hilly as a godless woman and tells her that she will never have peace if she continues her vindictive ways, leaving her in limbo. As Aibileen tries to convince Hilly and Elizabeth of her innocence, Elizabeth's daughter, Mae Mobley, arrives and pleads with her not to go. Elizabeth is forced to accept the firing of Aibileen, and Mae Mobley cries by the window, shouting for Aibileen as she leaves to start a new life.

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Theatrical : 2012-02-10 : Turkey

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