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The High and the Mighty (1954)

aka The High and the Mighty

"The 2-year best seller blasts to the screen with every kind of love there is!"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 141 mins · English


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Small Dan Roman
Small May Holst
Small Lydia Rice
Small John Sullivan
Small Sally McKee
Small Ed Joseph
Small Gustave Pardee
Small Ken Childs
Small Donald Flaherty
Small Humphrey Agnew
Small Lillian Pardee
No_movie_poster Gonzalez
Small Howard Rice
No_movie_poster Lenny Wilby, navigator
Small Hobie Wheeler
Small Clara Joseph
Small Jose Locota
Small Frank Briscoe
Small Ben Sneed
No_movie_poster Dorothy Chen
No_movie_poster Toby Field
Small Alsop
Small Tim Garfield
No_movie_poster Ensign Keim (as Carl Switzer)
No_movie_poster Lieutenant Mowbray
No_movie_poster Roy (as William Dewolf Hopper)
Small Dispatcher
No_movie_poster Susie Wilby
Small Miss Spalding
Small Nell Buck
Small Milo Buck


Small William A. Wellman Director
No_movie_poster Ernest K. Gann Author
Small John Wayne Production
No_movie_poster Robert Fellows Production
No_movie_poster Ernest K. Gann Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Ralph Dawson Editing


"The 2-year best seller blasts to the screen with every kind of love there is!"


The film follows the passengers and crew on an airline flight from Hawaii to California that develops engine problems at its mid-way point. While the captain expects a ditching, the first officer convinces him to try to make the airport. The crew eventually nurses the damaged airliner to a safe landing where an inspection reveals that it landed with virtually dry tanks.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2005-08-02