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The Hitcher (2007)

aka The Hitcher

"Never pick up strangers."

Directed By: 
Details: 84 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small John "The Hitcher" Ryder
Small Grace Andrews
Small Jim Halsey
Small Leutnant Esteridge
No_movie_poster Takstellen Angestellter
No_movie_poster Officer Edwards
Small Deputy Harlan Bremmer Jr.
No_movie_poster N.M. State Trooper
No_movie_poster Marlene


Small Michael Bay Producer
No_movie_poster Jim May Editor
No_movie_poster Steve Jablonsky Music
No_movie_poster Dave Meyers Director
No_movie_poster Eric Red Screenplay
No_movie_poster Jake Wade Wall Screenplay
No_movie_poster Andrew Form Producer
No_movie_poster Bradley Fuller Producer
No_movie_poster James Hawkinson Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Charles R. Meeker Production
No_movie_poster Eric Bernt Writer
No_movie_poster Jim May Editing


"Never pick up strangers."


Jim Halsey (Zachary Knighton) and Grace Andrews (Sophia Bush) are driving across New Mexico on their spring break holiday. At night, a hitchhicker (Sean Bean), dangerously stands on the road, near his broken down car. Jim nearly hits him and his car spins out of control. Grace insists that someone else will stop to help and they speed off.

At a gas station, Jim sees the hitchhiker climb out of a truck. The hitchhiker introduces himself as John Ryder and asks for a ride. Reluctantly Jim agrees. While on the road, the hitchhiker becomes violent and attacks them. The hitchhiker tells him the only way to save himself and Grace is to say, "I want to die." Jim hits the brakes, causing the hitchhiker to hit his head and kicks the hitchhiker repeatedly until Grace opens the passenger door and he is ejected.

Later Jim and Grace drive down the road and see a station wagon with a family in and the hitchhiker in the back, having hitched a ride. Grace and Jim try to warn the family of the hitchhiker, but crash their car. The couple is forced to continue on foot and they eventually find the family's car on the side of the road. Both children and the mother are dead, with the father slowly dying.

Taking the station wagon, the couple head towards town hoping to take the man to hospital. After the hitchhiker attempts to run them off the road, Jim and Grace stop at a cafe, where the man dies. Suspected of committing the murders, Jim and Grace are arrested and brought to the police station. The hitchhiker arrives and kills everyone at the station except Jim and Grace, who flee.

Despite suspecting that there might be a third suspect, Lieutenant Esteridge (Neal McDonough) continues to pursue the couple. The hitchhiker shows up and helps Jim and Grace escape the police, managing to single-handedly take out all of the cruisers and the helicopter.

Grace and Jim walk arrive at a motel and Jim steps out of the room to make a phone call. He is gone for several hours and Grace falls asleep watching TV, but is woken by the hitchhiker, who tries to rape her, but Grace manages to fight him off and hide in the bathroom.

The hitchhiker disappears and Grace searches for Jim. The motel manager, seeing her with a gun, calls the police. Grace finds Jim who is is chained between a truck and a trailer. The hitchhiker, in the truck, revs the engine, moving the truck hurting Jim. Grace runs to the cab and points the gun at the hitchhiker, demanding he stops. The hitchhiker continues to torture Jim as the police arrive. Still thinking Grace and Jim are the killers, they see Grace holding the hitchhiker at gunpoint and do not realize Jim is being tortured. Telling her to drop the gun, the hitchhiker tells Grace not to listen to them and moves the truck at speed, splitting Jim in half and killing him. The hitchhiker and Grace are then apprehended by the police.

The next morning, Esteridge tells Grace, whose innocence has been proven, that the real John Ryder is missing and they do not know the true identity of this hitcher. He also informs her that he will be taking her to her parents and the hitchhiker will be transported across the state in a separate van. During the journey, the hitchhiker breaks free of his restraints, kills the guard who is watching him, and causes the van to crash after the driver loses control, also causing Esteridge and Grace to crash.

Esteridge's is trapped the car and Grace takes Esteridge's gun, leaving him unarmed and she slowly makes her way to the van. Grace opens the van and the hitchhiker attacks her and locks her in the back. The hitchhiker shoots a pool of gasoline near the van, igniting it. Grace manages to get a shotgun from the front seat of the van and escapes, just before the gasoline explodes. The hitchhiker shoots Esteridge and walks away. However, Grace shoots the hitchhiker killing him and ending his rampage.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2007-01-19 : United States of America

DVD : 2007-05-01