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The Ides of March (2011)

The Ides of March (2011)

aka The Ides of March

"Ambition seduces. Power corrupts."

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Details: 101 mins · English · R (USA)


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It is difficult turning something like The Ides of March into a movie, but they did and with a bang.
Never have I seen a movie so thrilling and yet with mostly no action what so ever. The dialogue was on point, and the movie moved effortlessly while keeping me hooked and also entertained. The acting was great. The directing was great.
I want to watch again.

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A small-scale but still effective drama which seemingly has little to say about the actual issues in politics but shows more interest in behind-the-scenes skullduggery, manipulation and manoeuvring. Women seems to be mostly pawns in men's power games, and the actual issues are paid lip service as a means to advance individual careers. My main problem is that I didn't find Gosling convincing, and Clooney is barely in it.

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Small Governer Mike Morris
Small Stephen Myers
Small Molly Stearns
Small Ida Horowicz
Small Tom Duffy
Small Paul Zara
Small Senator Thompson
Small Cindy Morris
No_movie_poster Morris Campaign Staff
No_movie_poster Morris' Make-up Lady
No_movie_poster Stage Manager
No_movie_poster Morris Supporter
No_movie_poster Senator Pullman
Small Jack Stearns
Small Ben Harper


Small George Clooney Director
Small Leonardo DiCaprio Producer
Small Grant Heslov Producer
No_movie_poster Beau Willimon Screenplay
Small George Clooney Production
No_movie_poster Brian Oliver Production
Small George Clooney Writer
Small Grant Heslov Writer
No_movie_poster Beau Willimon Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Stephen Mirrione Editing


"Ambition seduces. Power corrupts."


Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) is the junior campaign manager for Mike Morris (George Clooney), Governor of Pennsylvania and a Democratic presidential candidate, competing against Arkansas Senator Ted Pullman (Michael Mantell) in the Democratic primary. The candidates are campaigning in Ohio. Both campaigns are attempting to secure the endorsement of North Carolina Democratic Senator Franklin Thompson (Jeffrey Wright), who controls 356 convention delegates, enough to clinch the nomination for either candidate.

After a debate at Miami University, Meyers is asked by Pullman's campaign manager, Tom Duffy (Paul Giamatti), to meet in secret. Meyers calls his boss, senior campaign manager Paul Zara (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who doesn't answer. Meyers leaves a message that something important has come up. Meyers decides to meet Duffy, who offers Meyers a position in Pullman's campaign, an offer Meyers refuses. Zara calls Meyers back and asks what was important, but Meyers says it was nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, Meyers starts a sexual relationship with Molly Stearns (Evan Rachel Wood), an attractive intern for Morris' campaign and daughter of Jack Stearns (Gregory Itzin), the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Meyers admits to an angry Zara that he met with Duffy, and that Duffy said his candidate, Pullman, will offer Thompson the position of Secretary of State, guaranteeing Pullman's victory. Zara and Meyers discuss the matter with Morris, saying they must make the same offer to Thompson to secure his endorsement and his delegates' votes. Morris refuses on principle, as he thoroughly disagrees with Thompson and his policies, and wants a "clean" campaign without such deals.

Late one night when Molly is sleeping, Meyers discovers that Morris is trying to call her after he picks up her phone by mistake. Molly and Morris had a brief sexual liaison at a campaign stop in Iowa several weeks previously, and Molly is now pregnant by the Governor, which will cause a scandal. Meyers helps her with money for an abortion but warns her not to tell anybody. Meyers also fires Molly from the campaign to ensure that she will stay quiet.

Ida (Marisa Tomei), a reporter for the New York Times, reveals to Meyers that an anonymous source leaked his encounter with Duffy to her and that she will publish unless Meyers gives her all of the information about his meeting with Duffy. Meyers comes to Zara for help, believing the story would damage himself, Zara, and the campaign. Zara reveals that in fact he leaked the meeting to Ida with Morris' approval in order to force Meyers into resigning from the campaign, stating that he did this because Meyers was disloyal for meeting with Duffy.

An angry Meyers then offers his services to Duffy, who admits he only met with Meyers in order to influence his opponent's operation and had no intention of hiring him. He suspected that Meyers would tell Zara about the meeting which would lead Zara to remove Meyers from Morris' campaign. Should this happen, Duffy correctly surmised, the Morris campaign would be weakened and, as a result, Pullman's would be strengthened. Meyers is angry with such usage, but Duffy apologizes for this and advises him to quit politics before he turns to be cynical like him. Meanwhile, Molly learns that Meyers has been fired and, fearing that he will reveal her pregnancy, takes a fatal drug overdose.

Since both sides used him, Meyers goes on the offensive. Unbeknownst to the Morris campaign, he meets with Thompson to arrange for Thompson's delegates in exchange for a spot on the Morris ticket. Meyers confronts Morris, telling him that he will expose the affair with Molly if Morris does not accept his demands: fire Zara, place Meyers in charge of the campaign, and offer Thompson the role of Vice President. Morris coldly says that, since the fetus was aborted, there is no proof of the affair, but Meyers claims that he has a suicide note found in Molly's room. Morris relents and meets all of Meyer's demands (with Zara's dismissal spun by all parties as a resignation caused by the loss of the Ohio primary). Later, at Molly's funeral, Zara compliments Meyers on his skill in using secrets to his advantage. Later, Thompson's endorsement (and delegates) makes Morris the de facto nominee despite losing the Democratic Party's Ohio primary election (which Morris claims was lost only because the state's open primary allowed Republicans and Independents to vote in it and thereby sabotage it by choosing the weaker Democrat).

Now senior campaign manager, Meyers is on the way to a remote TV interview with John King, when Ida ambushes him and says her next story will be about how Meyers delivered Thompson and his delegates and got his promotion. Meyers reacts only by having security bar her from coming any further. Meyers takes his seat for the interview, just as Morris finishes a speech about how 'integrity and dignity' matters, and is asked for insight as to how the events surrounding the primary unfolded. The film ends before he answers, leaving it open to the audience's interpretation.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2011-10-07 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2011-10-07 : Canada

Theatrical : 2011-10-05 : New York City

Theatrical : 2011-10-13 : Israel

Theatrical : 2011-10-13 : Greece

Theatrical : 2011-10-20 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2011-10-26 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2011-10-26 : France

Theatrical : 2011-10-28 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2012-01-20 : Lithuania

Theatrical : 2012-01-26 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2011-11-25 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2012-01-26 : Peru

Theatrical : 2012-01-27 : Uruguay

Theatrical : 2012-01-20 : Finland

Theatrical : 2011-12-22 : Germany

Theatrical : 2011-11-10 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2012-01-27 : Romania

Theatrical : 2011-11-04 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2011-11-18 : India

Theatrical : 2011-12-23 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2011-11-09 : Malta

Theatrical : 2011-11-24 : Australia

Theatrical : 2011-11-03 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2011-11-03 : Kuwait

Theatrical : 2012-02-03 : Poland

Theatrical : 2011-10-28 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2012-01-19 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2012-01-20 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2012-01-27 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2012-02-02 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2012-02-16 : Kazakhstan

Theatrical : 2012-02-24 : Bulgaria

Theatrical : 2012-02-24 : Norway

Theatrical : 2012-02-16 : New Zealand

Theatrical : 2012-03-15 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2012-03-22 : Chile

Theatrical : 2012-02-16 : Russia

Theatrical : 2012-03-09 : Spain

DVD : 2012-01-17

2011-12-16 : Italy

2011-09-09 : Canada

2011-08-31 : Italy

2011-09-23 : Greece

2011-09-24 : Switzerland

2011-10-22 : United Kingdom

2011-10-28 : Brazil

2012-11-18 : United States of America

2011-11-02 : Austria