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The Impossible Years (1968)

The Impossible Years (1968)

aka The Impossible Years

"The Battle of the Ages!"

Details: 92 mins · English


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Small Jonathan Kingsley
Small Alice Kingsley
Small Richard Merrick
No_movie_poster Dr. Herbert J. Fleischer
No_movie_poster Andy McClaine
Small Dr. Elliot Fish
No_movie_poster Abbey Kingsley
No_movie_poster Miss Hammer
No_movie_poster Dean Harvey Rockwell
Small Bartholmew Smuts
No_movie_poster Mrs. Rockwell


Small Michael Gordon Director
No_movie_poster Arthur Marx Screenplay
No_movie_poster Bob Fisher Screenplay
Small Michael Gordon Director
No_movie_poster Lawrence Weingarten Production
No_movie_poster George Wells Writer
No_movie_poster Arthur Marx Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Bob Fisher Story Contributor
No_movie_poster James E. Newcom Editing


"The Battle of the Ages!"


Trouble in suburbia: psychiatrist's teenage daughter gets arrested for demonstrating on a college campus--holding a sign with a "dirty word" written on.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1969-03-13 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1970-12-24 : Spain

Theatrical : Turkey

Theatrical : 1968-09-13 : Finland

Theatrical : 1969-07-23 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1969-01-27 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1968-12-05 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1969-04-11 : France

Theatrical : 1969-01-24 : West Germany