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The Incredibles (2004)

aka The Incredibles

"No gut, no glory"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 115 mins · English, French, Dansk, Spanish · PG (USA)


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Superhero movies are great! But what if they retire? Now I got to see. With a good mix of seriousness and humor, this movie propels forward in a rapid pace. There is not slow lag time for the audience to get bored.
The story is great and well thought out. The development of the world was believable and interesting.
Most everything was great. I have no complaints except maybe the end (after the conflict is all done and over). It was a cute ending, but just not my cup of tea.

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I'm wildly impressed by the drawing here! The nature 'shots' out on the island almost look real, and very, very gorgeous. I'd love to see a 3D version of this sometime.

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Very funny story of superheros in the "normal" life

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Small Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible (voice)
Small Helen Parr / Elastigirl (voice)
Small Lucius Best / Frozone (voice)
Small Buddy Pine / Syndrome (voice)
No_movie_poster Bomb Voyage (voice)
No_movie_poster Newsreel Narrator (voice)
No_movie_poster Jack Jack Parr (voice)
No_movie_poster Jack Jack Parr (voice)
No_movie_poster Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (voice)
No_movie_poster Violet Parr (voice)
No_movie_poster Mrs. Hogenson (voice)
Small Gilbert Huph (voice)
No_movie_poster Bernie Kropp (voice)
No_movie_poster Principal (voice)
No_movie_poster Tony Rydinger (voice)
Small Edna Mode
No_movie_poster Dash
Small Mirage
Small The Underminer
Small Frozone
Small Lucius Best


Small Brad Bird Director
Small John Lasseter Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Patrick Lin Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Janet Lucroy Director of Photography
Small Michael Giacchino Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster John Walker Producer
No_movie_poster Andrew Jimenez Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Stephen Schaffer Editor
Small Brad Bird Writer
No_movie_poster Stephen Schaffer Editing


"No gut, no glory"

"Save The Day."

"Do hero, ek awaaz!!"


"Supers"—humans gifted with superpowers—help fight crime and are idolized by the public. In the fictional city of Municiberg, Bob Parr, better known as Mr. Incredible, is on his way to marry fellow Super Elastigirl, also known as Helen. In an eventful night, Mr. Incredible saves a suicidal man, and unintentionally causes a monorail to be damaged when saving his intrusive biggest fan, Buddy Pine, from being defeated by criminal Bomb Voyage. After marrying Helen, countless lawsuits filed against Mr. Incredible and the other Supers for collateral damage and civil unrest from their good deeds results in the creation of a relocation program, forcing the Supers to fit in among the civilians and not use their superpowers.

Fifteen years later, Bob becomes overweight, depressed, stuck with a miserable job as an claims adjuster, and longs for the Glory days. He and Helen have three children – Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Bob and his old friend Lucius Best, formerly Frozone, perform vigilante work, much of Helen's disappointment. One day, Bob loses his temper when his boss refuses to let him stop a mugging, and throws him through several wall, causing him to lose his job. Returning home, Bob finds a message from a woman named Mirage, who asks him to become Mr. Incredible, come to Isla Nomanisan and destroy a malfunctioning robot called the Omnidroid. Bob is able to trick the robot to rip out its own power source.

After returning from Nomanisan, Bob happily forms a better relationship with his family and undergoes rigorous training. Discovering a tear in his suit, Bob visits superhero costume designer Edna Mode who decides to make him and his whole family suits. Leaving for Nomanisan once again, Bob discovers that Mirage is working for Buddy, now an amoral supervillain named Syndrome. He intends on using the Omnidroid as a puppet to become a hero himself, and then sell his inventions to the public so everyone will become “super”, a term which will become redundant. Bob sneaks into Syndrome’s base, finding a computer where he discovers Syndrome murdered countless retired superheroes with the numerous Omnidroids. Helen visits Edna, discovers what Bob has been dealing with, and activates a homing beacon to find him, inadvertently causing Bob to be captured by Syndrome.

Helen borrows an airplane to head for the island, but finds Violet and Dash have stowed away wearing their own costumes, leaving Jack-Jack in the care of a teenage babysitter. Syndrome picks up Helen’s radio transmissions and destroys the plane, but Helen and the children survive and make it to the island, though Bob thinks that they are dead. Helen ventures off to the base to find Bob, discovering Syndrome's intentions to launch the Omnidroid to Metro City in a rocket. Later, Mirage, annoyed with Syndrome’s selfishness, releases Bob and informs him that his family is alive, before Helen appears and races off with Bob to find the children when they are spotted by security. Dash and Violet use their powers to escape their captors and are joined by their parents, only to be captured by Syndrome, who then heads off to initiate his plan.

The Parrs escape with Violet's help and through some quick-thinking, use a security van and a rocket booster to pursue Syndrome. In Metro City, the Omnidroid grows intelligent enough to destroy the remote that allows Syndrome to harm it, knocking him unconscious and rampages through the city. The Parrs and Frozone team up to fight the robot, until Bob uses Syndrome’s remote control and one of the Omnidroid’s detached pincers to make it tear its out power source out again, destroying it. Returning home, the Parrs find Syndrome has Jack-Jack and intends on raising him as his own and train him as his sidekick to seek revenge on the family for them defeating his robot, only for Jack-Jack’s own multitude of powers to materialize. Helen rescues Jack-Jack, and Bob kills Syndrome by throwing his car at his jet, causing Syndrome’s cape to get caught in the turbines and pulling him in.

Three months later, the Parrs have readjusted to normal life, but the city is attacked by a villain called the Underminer, prompting the Parrs to confront him.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2005-03-15