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The Interview (2014)

aka The Interview

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Details: · English, Korean


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funny stuff

I fulfilled my patriotic duty by seeing this in theaters opening week, expecting it to be mildly funny and hopefully not too offensive. I was in for a pleasant surprise when the film turned out to be absolutely hysterical. The actors are having lots of fun on the screen, and push the envelope without ever getting into really gross-out humor. The characters in the film say a lot of offensive things, but the film acknowledges that, inviting the audience to laugh at them instead of with them. I feel like this self-awareness made all the difference, and the audience I saw it with (which filled the small theater) did a lot of roaring laughter throughout the movie.

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Honeypotted me

James Franco and Seth Rogen have great chemistry in this movie. Humorous and silly, this movie did NOT take itself as seriously as North Korea took it. The overblown political reaction to this film only proved its point; sad that so many theater chains were taken in by the fear. I can't fault them for that, though. Why put one's neck out for something as silly as this?

Sony may have lost money on this, but I don't think it will ultimately regret spending the money on it. See it if you can, at least if you like boner jokes as much as I do...ahem.

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It was dumb. Funny parts--of course there always are. But like so many of these movies, the over the top dirty jokes ruin the whole thing. I am not against stupid funny movies, I just get tired of everything being crass.

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Small Seth Rogen Directing
No_movie_poster Evan Goldberg Directing
No_movie_poster Zene Baker Editing
Small Zack Snyder Directing
No_movie_poster Evan Goldberg Production
Small Seth Rogen Production


Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2014-12-25 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2014-12-05 : United States of America