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The Jungle Book (1994)

aka The Jungle Book

"Born of man, raised by animals, destined for adventure."

Directed By: 
Details: 111 mins · English · PG (USA)


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Small Mowgli
Small Captain William Boone
Small Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon
Small Colonel Geofferey Brydon
Small Dr. Julien Plumford


Small Mark Damon Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Basil Poledouris Original Music Composer
Small Stephen Sommers Director
No_movie_poster Bob Ducsay Editor
No_movie_poster Edward S. Feldman Producer
Small Rudyard Kipling Novel
No_movie_poster Juan Ruiz Anchía Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Lawrence Mortorff Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Ronald Yanover Screenplay
No_movie_poster Mark Geldman Screenplay
No_movie_poster Raju Patel Producer
No_movie_poster Sharad Patel Executive Producer
Small Rajendra Kumar Production
No_movie_poster Yash Johar Production
Small Stephen Sommers Writer
Small Rudyard Kipling Story Contributor


"Born of man, raised by animals, destined for adventure."


Mowgli is the six year old son of Nathoo, an Indian tour guide. Nathoo is guiding a group of soldiers in the jungle. Among them is Colonel Geoffrey Brydon, his five year old daughter Katherine "Kitty" Brydon and Dr. Julius Plumford. Mowgli and Kitty are extremely close friends and often give signs of a young romance. Kitty gives Mowgli a bracelet which once belonged to her mother. The group soon learn that Shere Khan, the mighty tiger, is on the move, because he knows some of Brydon's men have broken the jungle law by killing several animals for fun, which Shere Khan opposes. Later that night, Shere Khan attacks the camp, killing Nathoo and two of Brydon's men. Mowgli and his pet wolf cub are lost in the confusion - Mowgli is now assumed to be dead. The next day, Bagheera the panther finds Mowgli and his wolf cub - he brings them to the wolf pack who adopt them. Mowgli also befriends Baloo the bear cub. The boy develops a strong bond with the animals. Years later, Mowgli finds Monkey City whilst chasing a small monkey who has stolen the bracelet belonging to Kitty. In the City, King Louie refuses to give the bracelet back but when Mowgli defeats Kaa the python in a duel, he is given it back.

Kitty and her father have returned to India. She again encounters Mowgli, but they do not recognize one another. Kitty is in a relationship with William Boone, a loyal yet arrogant soldier. Mowgli enters the Man Village in search of Kitty. Kitty recognises Mowgli when she sees he is wearing the bracelet she gave him when they were children. Boone and his men place Mowgli in prison. Kitty and Dr. Plumford decide that they must help Mowgli learn the ways of man again. Kitty and Mowgli find themselves falling in love but Brydon does not approve of this because he believes Mowgli is unacceptable for Kitty for being raised by animals, despite being relieved that Mowgli is alive.

Boone, meanwhile has discovered a dagger which Mowgli was in possession of. He learns that this treasure comes from Monkey City and he decides that he must force Mowgli to show him and his men the way to the city. Boone asks Kitty to marry him, which she accepts. Mowgli leaves the village as he believes he does not belong there. Kitty calls off her engagement to Boone after his cruel treatment to Mowgli and Brydon decides to send her back to England.

The next day, Boone teams up with Sgt. Harley, Lt. Wilkins, Buldeo and Tabaqui in order to capture Mowgli so they can get to the treasure. They nearly succeed until Baloo intervenes and is shot. The men then call bandits to ambush Kitty and her father. One of the bandits shoots Brydon in the leg, but Bagheera and the wolf pack intervene and kill most of the bandits. Boone and his men threaten to kill Kitty and her father if Mowgli does not lead them to the treasure. Mowgli agrees to take them.

The next morning, Harley sinks in quicksand after trying to catch Mowgli after he escapes with Bagheera's aid. The rest of the group apart from Brydon, who is left to die by Boone, set off on the trail. Mowgli leads Brydon back to the village on an elephant and promises to bring Kitty back. As the expedition continues, Tabaqui falls off a cliff while trying to kill Mowgli and Wilkins is mauled by Shere Khan. As the remaining group reaches the temple, Buldeo chases Mowgli and tries to shoot him but inadvertently sets off a booby trap, burying himself alive. Only Mowgli, Kitty and Boone reach the treasure room. Mowgli defeats Boone in a fierce sword fight and he and Kitty escape. Boone starts gathering treasure when Kaa suddenly appears and scares Boone into falling into the moat. Boone is weighed to the bottom by a gold-filled backpack and after seeing skeletal remains of previous victims, he is eaten by Kaa.

Outside the temple, Mowgli and Kitty are confronted by Shere Khan. Mowgli and Shere Khan stare one another down until Shere Khan sees Mowgli as a creature of the jungle - fulfilling a dream Mowgli had once had. Because of this, the honorable Shere Khan spares Mowgli and Kitty and allows them to go. When Mowgli and Kitty return, they are delighted to see Brydon and Baloo, both of whom have been cured by Dr. Plumford. Mowgli and Kitty share a passionate kiss under a waterfall.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1994-12-25 : United States of America

DVD : 2002-01-15