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The Killing Kind (1973)

aka The Killing Kind

Directed By: 
Details: 88 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Thelma Lambert
Small Terry Lambert
No_movie_poster Louise
Small Rhea Benson
Small Lori
No_movie_poster Tina
No_movie_poster Mrs. Orland
No_movie_poster Louise's Father
No_movie_poster Flo


Small Curtis Harrington Director
No_movie_poster George Edwards Writer
No_movie_poster Tony Crechales Writer


Terry (Savage) is a man whose mind is destroyed after being physically forced to participate in a gang rape and serving two years in prison when the victim, Tina Moore (Susan Bernard), lies about the nature of the incident. Terry's mother, Thelma (Sothern), runs a boarding house primarily for elderly ladies. Terry and Thelma have a relationship of unusual intimacy.

When Terry returns home after the prison stay, he moves back into the boarding house owned by his mother. When his mother wishes that Tina were dead, he borrows the car and runs her off the road. He then kills the attorney who failed to get him a reduced sentence, Rhea Benson (Roman). He is heavily influenced by the power of suggestion in his vengeance. After he kills Lori, his mother decides to poison him. Louise (Anders) sees Thelma and Terry put Lori's body in a trash can and drive it to the dump and calls the police. As the film ends, Thelma holds Terry in her lap as the sirens are heard outside.