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The Lost World (1960)

aka The Lost World

Directed By:  ,
Details: 97 mins · English


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Small Lord John Roxton
Small Jennifer Holmes
Small Ed Malone
Small Prof. George Edward Challenger
Small Manuel Gomez
Small Prof. Summerlee
No_movie_poster David Holmes
No_movie_poster Costa
No_movie_poster Native Girl
Small Burton White


No_movie_poster Charles Bennett Screenplay
No_movie_poster Paul Sawtell Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Bert Shefter Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Irwin Allen Director
No_movie_poster Paul Zastupnevich Costume Design
No_movie_poster Walter M. Scott Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Hugh S. Fowler Editor
No_movie_poster Winton C. Hoch Director of Photography
No_movie_poster John Sturtevant Set Decoration
Small Arthur Conan Doyle Author
No_movie_poster Ben Nye Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Helen Turpin Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Sidney Cutner Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Howard Jackson Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Duncan Cramer Art Direction
No_movie_poster Walter M. Simonds Art Direction
No_movie_poster Joseph Kish Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Ad Schaumer Director
No_movie_poster Irwin Allen Production
No_movie_poster Cliff Reid Production
No_movie_poster Irwin Allen Writer
No_movie_poster Charles Bennett Writer


The boisterous, arrogant Professor Challenger (Claude Rains), a reputed biologist and anthropologist, dares the London Zoological Society to mount an expedition to verify his spectacular claim, without physical proof, that his previous expedition to the Amazon Basin found live dinosaurs. Apart from him and his 'socialite' counterpart, Professor Summerlee (Richard Haydn), the adventurous party consists of experienced discoverer Lord Roxton (Michael Rennie), the young reporter Ed Malone (David Hedison) - who got publicly struck down with Challenger's umbrella at his arrival - and Jennifer Holmes (Jill St. John), Malone's news agency's boss's daughter, who is allowed by her father to come essentially as one of the conditions for putting up the money. In Brazil they are joined by Jennifer's brother David (Ray Stricklyn) and local 'guide' Manuel Gomez (Fernando Lamas). They arrive by air, soon discover the dinosaurs and other creatures are real and dangerous ( their helicopter is incidentally destroyed by fighting dinosaurs), and the party is desperate to get off the isolated plateau. They learn Roxton knew about the fate of Burton White, an explorer whose diary they find, search for diamonds, and confirm that the local tribesmen are lethal guardians of the plateau's secrets. Additionally they learn Roxton accidentally killed Gomez' brother on a separate trip before this one, leaving Gomez hungry for revenge. During a volcanic eruption, they manage to escape from the plateau, carrying a Tyrannosaurus rex egg with them. The egg hatches when it is dropped by accident, and Professor Challenger resolves to take the infant dinosaur (here represented by a cosmetically altered gecko lizard) back to London with them.