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The Loved One (1965)

aka The Loved One

"The motion picture with something to offend everyone."

Directed By: 
Details: 122 mins · English


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Small Dennis Barlow
No_movie_poster Aimee Thanatogenous
Small Mr. Joyboy
Small Gen. Buck Brinkman
Small Mr. Kenton
Small Immigration Officer
Small Sir Francis Hinsley
Small British Club Official
No_movie_poster Dusty Acres
Small Whispering Glades Tour Guide
Small Mrs. Helen Kenton
No_movie_poster Whispering Glades Funeral Salesman
Small D.J.Jr.
Small Sir Ambrose Ambercrombie
Small Sadie Blodgett
Small The Guru Brahmin
Small Brahmin's Assistant
No_movie_poster Gunther Fry
No_movie_poster Space-Burial Funeral Announcer
Small Wilbur Glenworthy
No_movie_poster Joyboy's Mother
Small D.J. Jr.
Small Rev. Wilbur Glenworthy
No_movie_poster Mr. Starker


No_movie_poster Hal Ashby Editor
No_movie_poster Haskell Wexler Producer
No_movie_poster John Calley Producer
No_movie_poster Terry Southern Author
No_movie_poster John Addison Music
No_movie_poster Tony Richardson Director
Small Christopher Isherwood Author
Small Evelyn Waugh Novel
No_movie_poster Brian Smedley-Aston Editor
Small Evelyn Waugh Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Hal Ashby Editing
No_movie_poster Antony Gibbs Editing
No_movie_poster Brian Smedley-Aston Editing


"The motion picture with something to offend everyone."

"The movie with something to offend everyone."

"The motion picture with something to offend everyone!"


Young Englishman Dennis Barlow (Robert Morse) wins an airline ticket and visits his uncle Sir Francis Hinsley (John Gielgud) in Los Angeles. Hinsley has worked as a production staffer at a major Hollywood studio for over thirty years. His employer D.J. Jr. (Roddy McDowall) fires Hinsley, despite the old man's faithful dedication to the company. Hinsley commits suicide by hanging himself.

Dennis is swayed by a prominent member of the local English expatriate community to spend most of the money from his uncle's estate on a socially prestigious burial at Whispering Glades cemetery and mortuary. There he meets and becomes infatuated with Aimée Thanatogenos (Anjanette Comer), a hopelessly naive and idealistic cosmetician who says she was named after Aimee Semple McPherson. Chief embalmer Mr. Joyboy (Rod Steiger) is also an admirer, but though she respects him professionally she doesn't have any romantic feelings toward him.

Aimée's idol is the Reverend Wilbur Glenworthy (Jonathan Winters), owner of Whispering Glades. Aimée worships the solemn and pious reverend, but in private he is a calculating businessman who regards Whispering Glades as just a business venture.

To raise money, Dennis begins working at Happier Hunting Grounds, a local pet cemetery run by the reverend's brother Henry Glenworthy (also played by Winters), who has lately been fired by the movie studio as well. Dennis courts Aimée with poetry, which fascinates her though she fails to recognize famous verses. When Aimée asks whether Dennis wrote these passages, he changes the subject. Dennis dares not let Aimée find out where he works since she considers the pet cemetery to be sacrilegious.

Aimée is increasingly frustrated by Dennis' cynical and disrespectful attitude toward Whispering Glades and is shocked at his suggestion that they marry and live on her income when she gets a promotion. So, acting on advice given by Guru Brahmin (Lionel Stander), actually a drunken staff writer at a newspaper, she accepts a dinner invitation from Mr. Joyboy, who secured her promotion. Thoughts of a serious relationship with Mr. Joyboy are dismissed when she sees his bizarre and unhealthy relationship with his morbidly obese mother whose only interest is food.

Again acting on the advice of Guru Brahmin, she becomes engaged to Dennis. She invites him to her home, a partially finished house built on a cliff, condemned and abandoned due to the danger of landslides. He cuts the visit short, alarmed at occasional ominous trembling and Aimée's lack of concern over her own safety.

Dennis and Henry Glenworthy meet their neighbor, a boy genius (Paul Williams) with an interest in rocketry, and they let him set up a lab at the pet cemetery. Mr. Joyboy brings in his pet myna bird to be buried and discovers the identity of his rival. He agrees to have the bird shot into orbit by one of the neighbor's rockets, instead of being buried. Mr. Joyboy brings Aimée to the ceremony and she is outraged when she sees Dennis performing the service; this greatly pleases Mr. Joyboy.

Reverend Glenworthy, seeing little profit in the cemetery once the plots have been filled, decides to convert it into a retirement home, but is unable to proceed without a plan for dealing with the bodies interred there. When he learns of his brother's idea of sending bodies into orbit, he recognizes it as a solution to his own problem. He proceeds to obtain surplus rockets by hosting an orgy at Whispering Glades with top Air Force brass as guests of honor. Dennis, in a desperate attempt to reconcile with Aimée, tells her that Whispering Glades is to be shut down. She flees, but is afraid that what Dennis told her might be true.

She seeks out Mr. Joyboy for comfort, but he has been called to the cemetery to prepare a body to be launched into orbit, an ex-astronaut nicknamed "The Condor." She tracks down Guru Brahmin in a bar, but he drunkenly advises her to jump out a window. Finally, she flees to the cemetery and finds Reverend Glenworthy, who confirms Dennis' story and tries to seduce her with promises of continued employment with higher pay at the new facility. Wholly distraught, since her faith in everything she held sacred has been shattered, she attaches herself to an embalming machine and dies peacefully.

Mr. Joyboy finds her body, but is afraid to report it because of the scandal it would cause, so he calls Dennis to dispose of her in the pet cemetery's crematorium. Dennis agrees, but only if Mr. Joyboy gives him a first class ticket back to England and all the cash he can lay his hands on. Dennis also imposes the condition that Aimée be placed in the casket headed for space and the Condor be sent to the pet crematorium. After the televised funeral ceremony and launch, Dennis is seen boarding the first class section of a plane to England.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1968-11-25 : Spain

Theatrical : 1969-05-19 : Spain

Theatrical : 1966-09-19 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1966-04-09 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1967-01-06 : Finland

Theatrical : 1965-10-11 : United States of America

Theatrical : Austria

Theatrical : 1966-05-20 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1976-11-19 : Portugal

DVD : 2006-06-20