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The Macomber Affair (1947)

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The Macomber Affair (1947)

aka The Macomber Affair

"Peck...Bennett...Hemingway...only all three together could create this electric love story...with a vengeance!"

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Details: 89 mins · English


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No_movie_poster Zoltan Korda Director
No_movie_poster Benedict Bogeaus Production
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"Peck...Bennett...Hemingway...only all three together could create this electric love story...with a vengeance!"


Margo Macomber is unhappily married to Francis. As their plane lands in Nairobi, Africa, accompanied by Robert Wilson, a big-game hunter, Francis is dead from a gun shot in the back.

What happened was this: Francis, a wealthy man, has alienated Margo with what she perceives as cowardice. She is attracted to Robert, so to prove his masculinity, Francis sets out to kill a lion.

He succeeds only in wounding it. Robert insists the animal must be tracked and killed so as not to suffer. But when the lion approaches, Francis runs and Robert must do the shooting. A furious Margo humiliates her husband by kissing Robert on the lips.

As their animosity grows, Francis shows cruelty to a servant. When a bull charges on the next hunt, Margo takes aim and shoots, but her bullet strikes Francis and he falls dead. Robert tries to get her to admit that the shot was accidental as Margo prepares to go on trial for her own life.