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The Man in Possession (1931)

The Man in Possession (1931)

aka The Man in Possession

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 84 mins · English


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Small Raymond Dabney aka Ferguson
No_movie_poster Crystal Wetherby
Small Mr. Dabney
Small Claude Dabney
Small Clara
Small Sir Charles Cartwright
No_movie_poster Mrs. Alice Dabney
No_movie_poster A Bailiff
No_movie_poster Esther


Small Sam Wood Director
No_movie_poster Sarah Y. Mason Screenplay
Small Sam Wood Production
No_movie_poster Ben Lewis Editing


Raymond Dabney returns home after serving a jail sentence for selling a car that is not his. Both his father and brother offered him 500 pounds to get out of the country so he won't bring any trouble to his brother's prospective engagement to a presumably wealthy young lady. Raymond refused and prefer to stay in England on his own expense. Soon enough he finds himself a job as a sherif officer. His first task unexpectedly lead him to be the man in possession to his older brother's fiancee who, as it turns out, not at all wealthy but actually in a lot of debts and desperate to look for a wealthy husband.