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The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950)

aka The Man Who Cheated Himself

Directed By: 
Details: 81 mins · English


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Small Lt. Ed Cullen
Small Lois Frazer
Small Andy Cullen
Small Janet Cullen
No_movie_poster Howard Frazer
Small Pietro Capa
Small Ernest Quimby
Small Muriel Quimby
No_movie_poster Machetti
No_movie_poster Nito Capa
No_movie_poster Mrs. Capa
No_movie_poster Officer Blair
No_movie_poster Rushton
No_movie_poster Detective Olson
No_movie_poster Doc Munson
No_movie_poster United Airlines Clerk
No_movie_poster Albert the Butler
No_movie_poster Detective
Small Attorney
No_movie_poster Police Matron
No_movie_poster Highway Patrol Radio Dispatcher


No_movie_poster David Weisbart Editor
No_movie_poster Philip MacDonald Screenplay
No_movie_poster Russell Harlan Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Van Nest Polglase Production Design
No_movie_poster Eloise Jensson Costume Design
No_movie_poster Joseph Kish Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Seton I. Miller Story
No_movie_poster Louis Forbes Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Felix E. Feist Director
No_movie_poster Abe Haberman Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Herman E. Webber Production Supervisor
No_movie_poster Jack M. Warner Producer
No_movie_poster William H. Lynch Sound Engineer
No_movie_poster Rex Wimpy Special Effects
No_movie_poster Jack E. Miller Costume Design
No_movie_poster David Weisbart Editing


Wealthy socialite Lois Frazer, divorcing her husband, Howard, finds a gun he's bought. She kills him with it in front of the new man in her life, Lt. Ed Cullen, a homicide detective with the San Francisco police.

The twice-married Lois manages to manipulate Cullen into disposing of the murder weapon and moving the body. Cullen ends up investigating the case, assisted by kid brother Andy, who is new to the homicide division and delays his honeymoon to keep working on his first big case.

The gun is found and used in another killing by a young punk, Nito Capa, so all Cullen can think to do is try to pin both crimes on him. Andy Cullen keeps connecting Ed to the first murder, however, catching him in a number of lies.

Ed ties and gags Andy and tells Lois they need to flee. Roadblocks seal off the city, but Andy has a hunch where Ed took the woman to hide, near the Golden Gate Bridge, and soon they are under arrest. Outside the courtroom, Ed overhears Lois offering to do anything for her lawyer if he can keep her from being convicted.