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The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

aka The Matrix Revolutions

"Everything that has a beginning has an end."

Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 129 mins · English, French · R (USA)


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This made me not see the third, I find it kind of boring with none of the first ones bits of originally

420 chars remaining..!!
420 chars remaining..!!
420 chars remaining..!!


Small Neo
Small Morpheus
Small Trinity
Small Agent Smith
Small The Oracle
Small The Architect
Small The Merovingian
Small Captain Ballard
Small The Keymaker
Small Commander Lock
Small Agent Thompson
Small Link
Small Niobe
Small Cas
Small Seraph
Small Councillor West
Small Zee
Small Persephone
Small Councillor Hamann
Small Mifune
No_movie_poster Kid
Small Trainman
No_movie_poster Sparks


No_movie_poster Joel Silver Producer
No_movie_poster Mali Finn Casting
No_movie_poster Zach Staenberg Editor
No_movie_poster Don Davis Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Kym Barrett Costume Design
Small Lilly Wachowski Director
Small Lana Wachowski Director
No_movie_poster Bill Pope Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Shauna Wolifson Casting
No_movie_poster Owen Paterson Production Design
No_movie_poster Hugh Bateup Art Direction
No_movie_poster Glenn Boswell Stunts
No_movie_poster Jules Cook Art Direction
No_movie_poster Brian Dusting Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Richard Adrian Sound Designer
No_movie_poster Catherine Mansill Art Direction
No_movie_poster Charlie Revai Art Direction
No_movie_poster Maggie Fung Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Steve Courtley Special Effects
No_movie_poster Deb Asch Visual Effects
No_movie_poster Ray Anthony Stunts
No_movie_poster Joel Silver Production
Small Lana Wachowski Other
Small Lilly Wachowski Other
Small Lilly Wachowski Story Contributor
Small Lana Wachowski Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Zach Staenberg Editing


"Everything that has a beginning has an end."


Neo and Bane lie unconscious in the medical bay of the ship Hammer. Meanwhile, Neo finds his digital self trapped in a virtual subway station – a transition zone between the Matrix and the Machine City. In that subway station, he meets a "family" of programs, including a girl named Sati, whose father tells Neo the subway is controlled by the Trainman, an exiled program loyal to the Merovingian. When Neo tries to board a train with the family, the Trainman refuses and overpowers him.

Seraph contacts Morpheus and Trinity on behalf of the Oracle, who informs them of Neo's confinement. Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity enter Club Hel, where they confront the Merovingian and force him to release Neo. Troubled by visions of the Machine City, Neo visits the Oracle, who reveals that Smith intends to destroy both the Matrix and the real world. She states that "everything that has a beginning has an end", and that the war will conclude. After Neo leaves, a large group of Smiths assimilates Sati, Seraph and the unresisting Oracle, gaining her powers of precognition.

In the real world, the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar and the Hammer find and reactivate Niobe's ship, the Logos. They interrogate Bane, who claims to have no memory of the earlier massacre. As the captains plan their defense of Zion, Neo requests a ship to travel to the Machine City. Motivated by her encounter with the Oracle, Niobe offers him the Logos. Neo departs, accompanied by Trinity. Bane, who has stowed away on the Logos, takes Trinity hostage. Neo realizes that Bane has been assimilated by Smith. Bane cauterizes Neo's eyes with a power cable, blinding him; however, Neo discovers an ability to perceive the world as golden light. Neo kills Bane, and Trinity pilots them to the Machine City.

Niobe and Morpheus set out for Zion with the Hammer to aid the human defenses against the Sentinels. In Zion, the fatally wounded Captain Mifune instructs Kid to open the gate for the Hammer. When it arrives, it discharges its EMP, disabling the Sentinels but also the remaining defenses. The humans are forced to retreat and wait for the next attack, which they believe will be their last stand. Neo and Trinity are attacked by machines, causing them to crash the Logos into the Machine City. The crash kills Trinity.

Neo enters the Machine City and encounters the "Deus Ex Machina", the machine leader. Neo, warning that Smith plans to conquer both the Matrix and the real world, offers to stop Smith in exchange for peace with Zion. The machine leader agrees, and the Sentinels stop attacking Zion. The Machines provide a connection for Neo to enter the Matrix. Inside, Neo finds that Smith has assimilated all its inhabitants. The Smith with the Oracle's powers steps forth, claiming to have foreseen his victory. After a protracted battle, Neo baits Smith into assimilating him. The machine leader sends a burst of energy into Neo's body in the real world, causing all the Smiths in the Matrix to be destroyed. The Sentinels withdraw from Zion, Neo's body is carried away by the machines, and Morpheus and Niobe embrace.

The Matrix reboots, and the Architect encounters the Oracle in a park. They agree that the peace will last "as long as it can", and that all humans will be offered the opportunity to leave the Matrix. The Oracle tells Sati that she thinks they will see Neo again. Seraph asks the Oracle if she knew this would happen, and she replies that she did not know, but she believed.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2003-11-05 : United States of America

DVD : 2004-04-06