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The Miniver Story (1950)

aka The Miniver Story

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 104 mins · English


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The story, told partly in flashback and narrated by Clem Miniver, commences on VE Day as Clem and Judy return home from war service and Toby returns from a foster family in America.

Judy, a corporal driver, is loved by Tom Foley, a captain in the Royal Engineers, but she is besotted with a general (Leo Genn) married but separated and twice her age. Kay Miniver has also conducted a brief and innocent affair with an American colonel.

Clem is now restless and dissatisfied; he successfully applies for a design contract in Brazil. But Kay, unknown to him, has developed a major cardiac condition and has one year at most to live. Despite this, she persuades the general to return to his wife, leaving Judy free to marry Tom.

The wedding goes ahead. Clem, now aware of Kay's medical condition, decides to stay in London and brings Tom into his architectural practice. Satisfied that her family are safe and happy, Kay dies.

No mention is made of the eldest Miniver son, Vincent, who appeared in the earlier film, possibly because Greer Garson and Richard Ney (the actor who portrayed Vincent) had married and been divorced (1943–1947) by the time The Miniver Story was produced in 1950.