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The Monster Club (1981)

aka The Monster Club

Directed By: 
Details: 104 mins · English


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I fondly remembered this from childhood...like most such things, it should have been left a memory. Cheap, dated and NOT scary at all... Gets two stars due to the presence of Vincent Price and the performance by the Pretty Things(!)

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Small Eramus
Small Pickering, Chief of the B-Squad
Small R.Chetwynd-Hayes, Writer
Small Sam, Movie Director
Small Busotsky's Father
Small Angela
Small Busotsky's Mother
Small George, Angela's Boyfriend
No_movie_poster Mooney
Small Innkeeper (Luna's Father)
Small Lintom Busotsky, Film Producer
No_movie_poster Buxom Beauty
No_movie_poster Club Secretary (Werewolf)
No_movie_poster Raven (the Shadmock)
No_movie_poster Psychiatrist
Small Sam
Small George
Small R.Chetwynd-Hayes
Small Pickering


Small Roy Ward Baker Director
No_movie_poster Edward Abraham Writer
No_movie_poster Valerie Abraham Writer
No_movie_poster Milton Subotsky Production
No_movie_poster Peter Tanner Editing


A fictionalized version of Chetwynd-Hayes (Carradine) is approached on a city street by a strange man (Price) who turns out to be a starving vampire named Eramus. Eramus bites the writer, and in gratitude for the small "donation", takes his (basically unharmed but bewildered) victim to the titular club, which is a covert gathering place for a multitude of supernatural creatures. In between the club's unique music and dance performances, Eramus introduces three stories about his fellow creatures of the night.

Release Dates:

Video : West Germany

Theatrical : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 1981-05-27 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1983-09-30 : Norway