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The Moonshine War (1970)

aka The Moonshine War

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 100 mins · English


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Small John W. Martin


No_movie_poster Richard Quine Director
No_movie_poster Elmore Leonard Writer


A man called Son Martin makes moonshine whiskey, owning and operating a profitable still in Prohibition-era Kentucky. One day, he gets a visit from an old Army acquaintance, Frank Long, who is now an internal-revenue agent.

Long is willing to look the other way in exchange for a percentage of Son's business. But when he is unable to persuade Son to cut him in on the profits or even reveal where the moonshine is hidden, Long sends for the dangerous Dr. Taulbee, who uses more violent methods in getting what he wants.

Taulbee and his henchmen go too far, killing Sheriff Baylor and even Taulbee's girlfriend when she tries to get away. Long can see that he made a mistake, so he volunteers to help Son fend off the gang. Still outnumbered, Son finally tells Taulbee's men where the whiskey is buried in exchange for his life. But when the crooks start digging, they set off Son's buried dynamite instead.