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The Outsiders (1983)

aka The Outsiders

"They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong."

Directed By: 
Details: 91 mins · English · PG (USA)


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(Review written in 2010)

As you can tell from the cheesy, beautiful, ‘80s trailer, this is the most perfect movie of all time. Listen to that music. Listen to that voice over. Perfection embodied in a TV spot. I guess it goes without saying, as I’ve already mentioned time and time again that I love high school movies and I love cheesy ‘80s movies, that the Outsiders is one of my favorites. There is nothing more beautiful, on this Earth, than Matt Dillon’s cheesy, overblown portrayal of Dallas Winston. Nothing on this Earth. There are so many wonderful things about his performance, that the movie deserves five stars just for allowing him to do what he wanted and be cheesy and wonderful and memorable. And that’s leaving out the characters who I have adored forever by reading the book, and the stunningly good-looking other actors like Rob Lowe & C. Thomas Howell.

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Very good

This is one of my favorite movies from my teen-years.
The story is true to the book - a social drama with a group of Young kids in the centre. The great cast Francis Ford Coppala picked includes Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise and Ralph Macchio WHO allrose to stardom later.

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Touching story, great cinematography (it's Coppola, after all), awesome music and wonderful casting (and so cute to see all these actors before they became big stars... added bonus: 10 seconds of William Smith on screen).
If you're a kid of the '80s, you'll love this.

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Small Ponyboy Michael Curtis
Small Johnny Cade
Small Darrel "Darry" Shaynne Curtis, Jr.
Small Sodapop Patrick Curtis
Small Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews
Small Steve Randle
Small Dallas 'Dally' Winston
Small Sherri 'Cherry' Valance
No_movie_poster Bob Sheldon
No_movie_poster Marcia
No_movie_poster Tim Shepard
Small Randy Anderson
Small Jerry Wood
Small Buck Merrill
Small Little Girl (as Domino)
Small Store Clerk


No_movie_poster Anne Goursaud Editor
Small Carmine Coppola Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Dean Tavoularis Production Design
Small Francis Ford Coppola Director
No_movie_poster Fred Roos Producer
No_movie_poster Gray Frederickson Producer
No_movie_poster Janet Hirshenson Casting
No_movie_poster Kathleen Rowell Screenplay
No_movie_poster Richard Beggs Sound Designer
No_movie_poster S.E. Hinton Novel
No_movie_poster Stephen H. Burum Director of Photography


"They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong."


In 1965 Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Greasers are a gang of tough, low-income teens. They include Ponyboy Curtis (Howell) and his two older brothers, Sodapop (Lowe) and Darrel (Swayze), as well as Johnny Cade (Macchio), Dallas Winston (Dillon), Two-Bit Matthews (Estevez), and Steve Randle (Cruise). Their rivalry is with the Socs (pronounced "soashes"), a gang of wealthier kids. Five of the Socs jump Ponyboy and cut his neck with a switchblade; Johnny had been similarly attacked the month before. Two Socs, Bob Sheldon (Garrett) and Randy Adderson (Dalton), confront Johnny, Ponyboy, and Two-Bit, who are talking to the Socs' girlfriends, Cherry (Lane) and Marcia (Meyrink), at the drive-in. The girls defuse the situation by going home with the Socs. Later that night, Ponyboy and Johnny are attacked in a park by Bob, Randy, and two other Socs. They begin dunking Ponyboy in a fountain, but Johnny pulls out his switchblade and stabs Bob, killing him.

On the advice of Dallas, Ponyboy and Johnny leave town, and hide out in an abandoned church in Windrixville. Ponyboy dyes his hair blonde with peroxide in case anybody spots him. He reads Gone with the Wind and quotes the Robert Frost poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay". Dallas arrives with news that Cherry has offered to support the boys in court. They go out for food, then return to find the church on fire with children trapped inside. Johnny is hospitalized with severe burns and a broken back after he, Ponyboy, and Dallas rescue the children. The boys are praised for their heroism, but Johnny is charged with manslaughter for killing Bob, while Ponyboy may be sent to a boys' home.

Bob's death has sparked calls from the Socs for "a rumble," which the Greasers win. Dally then drives Ponyboy to the hospital to visit Johnny. Johnny is unimpressed by the victory, and dies after telling Ponyboy to "stay gold," referring to the Frost poem. Unable to bear Johnny's death, Dally robs a grocery store at gunpoint and is killed by police. Ponyboy is eventually cleared of wrongdoing in Bob's death and allowed to stay with his brothers. Turning the pages of Johnny's copy of Gone with the Wind, Ponyboy finds a letter from Johnny saying that saving the children was worth sacrificing his own life. The story ends as it began, with Ponyboy writing a school report about his experiences.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1983-03-25 : United States of America

DVD : 1999-11-30

DVD : 2008-09-02