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The Pompatus of Love (1996)

aka The Pompatus of Love

Directed By: 
Details: 99 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Josh
Small Mark
Small Runyon
No_movie_poster Phil
Small Cynthia
Small Gina
Small Lori - Phil's Wife
Small Kathryn
Small Caroline
Small Big Toe (as John Glen Hoyt)
Small Saxophone Man (as Charlie Murphy)
No_movie_poster Real Estate Broker
No_movie_poster Cabbie
No_movie_poster Ting (as Liana Pai)
No_movie_poster Tasha
Small Saxophone Man
Small Tarzaan


Small Jon Cryer Writer
No_movie_poster Richard Schenkman Director
No_movie_poster Adam Oliensis Writer
No_movie_poster Richard Schenkman Writer


The film revolves around four friends and their relationships with women. Set to the background of upscale Manhattan bars, lofts and apartments, the guys engage in sharp banter and one-upsmanship. The characters, Mark, a therapist (Jon Cryer); Runyon, a playwright (Tim Guinee); Josh, a playboy (Adrian Pasdar) and Phil, a plumber (Adam Oliensis), try (generally unsuccessfully) to sort out their troubled love-lives. Mark and his girlfriend (Kristen Wilson) are hung up over moving in together; Runyon is hung up over his old girlfriend Kathryn (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson), who has moved to Los Angeles; the womanizing Josh is hung up on Phil's sister, Gina (Paige Turco), who has an abusive husband; Phil, who is married with children, finds himself hung up on an English interior designer (Kristin Scott Thomas).

The characters in the film spend much of their time trying to decipher the word "pompatus," wondering whether they are mis-hearing the lyrics: "Prophetess"? "Impetus"? "Profitless"? "Impotence"? "Pompous Ass"? Pom-pom tits?