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The Power (1968)

aka The Power

"YOU feel it until you can't feel anything at all!"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 108 mins · English


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Small Professor Jim Tanner
Small Bruce
Small Professor Margery Lansing
Small Prof. Norman E. Van Zandt
Small Mrs. Sally Hallson
Small Prof. Talbot Scott aka Scotty
Small Mark Corlane
No_movie_poster Grover
Small Flora
Small Prof. Henry Hallson
No_movie_poster Prof. Carl Melnicker
Small Arthur Nordlund
No_movie_poster Mrs. Van Zandt
Small Mrs. Hallson
No_movie_poster Mr. Hallson
No_movie_poster Briggs
No_movie_poster Sylvia, party girl (as Miss Beverly Hills)


No_movie_poster Byron Haskin Director
Small George Pal Production
No_movie_poster John Gay Writer
No_movie_poster Frank M. Robinson Story Contributor


"YOU feel it until you can't feel anything at all!"


Professor Jim Tanner, a biochemist, discovers evidence of a person with psychic abilities among his co-workers in a research laboratory. His colleagues include geneticist Margery Lansing, physicist Carl Melkinen, biologist Talbot Scott and chairman N.E. Van Zandt, all working for Navy officer Arthur Nordlund.

After a warning from Professor Henry Hallson that one among them possesses a super-intelligence capable of destruction and mind control, Hallson is found murdered with the name "Adam Hart" scrawled nearby. His widow Sally Hallson says it is the name of a childhood friend.

Tanner is the prime suspect of a police investigator named Corlane. As he tries to uncover the superhuman, Tanner's associates are methodically murdered, Scott ultimately being shot by Corlane. Tanner then faces a showdown with the killer, an apparently undefeatable opponent. Nordlund is revealed to be Adam Hart. Hart's psychic assault awakens Tanner's own latent psychic powers, and Hart is killed by him. Tanner realizes that he was the superhuman uncovered by Hallson's tests, and that Hart was trying to eliminate any competition from others like himself.