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The Premature Burial (1962)

aka The Premature Burial

Details: 81 mins · English


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Small Guy Carrell
Small Emily Gault
Small Miles Archer
Small Kate Carrell
Small Dr. Gideon Gault
No_movie_poster Sweeny
Small Mole
No_movie_poster Minister
No_movie_poster Judson


Small Francis Ford Coppola Director
No_movie_poster Floyd Crosby Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Daniel Haller Art Direction
No_movie_poster Samuel Z. Arkoff Producer
No_movie_poster Charles Beaumont Screenplay
Small Edgar Allan Poe Original Story
No_movie_poster Gene Corman Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Ronald Stein Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Jonathan Haze Producer
Small Roger Corman Director
Small Ronald Sinclair Editor
No_movie_poster Ray Russell Screenplay
No_movie_poster Marjorie Corso Costume Design
Small Roger Corman Production
Small Edgar Allan Poe Story Contributor
Small Ronald Sinclair Editing


Set in the early dark Victorian-era 1830s or '40s (also similar to Charles Dickens' fiction of rain-soaked London streets), it follows Guy Carrell, who is obssessed with the fear of death. He is most obssessed with the fear of his being buried alive. Though his fiancee Emily says he has nothing to be afriad of, he still thinks he will be buried alive (a common fear and in reality an occasional occurrence with the primitive and happen-stance character of the practice of early surgical and medicine science then, with bodies being raided from morgues to do educational autopsies and witch potions being prescribed for all sorts of miscellaneous ailments and the yet-to-be-discovered theories by Pasteur and Lister of germs and bacteria thus preventing infections). So deluded, he seeks help from a few people, including his sister, but he still is haunted by the fear of death and the sense that someone close wants him dead.

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