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The Rains of Ranchipur (1956)

aka The Rains of Ranchipur

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 104 mins · English


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Small Lady Edwina Esketh
Small Dr. Major Rama Safti
Small Thomas "Tom" Ransome
Small Fern Simon
Small Lord Albert Esketh
No_movie_poster Mrs. Smiley
No_movie_poster Maharani


No_movie_poster Louis Bromfield Novel
Small Jean Negulesco Director
No_movie_poster Frank Ross Production
No_movie_poster Louis Bromfield Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Dorothy Spencer Editing


In India to purchase some horses, British aristocrat, Lord Esketh and his wife, Edwina, come to the town of Ranchipur at the invitation of the elderly Maharani. Their marriage is an unhappy one and Lord Esketh announces his intention to return to England and begin divorce proceedings. The spoiled, insensitive Edwina scoffs at this.

She renews in Ranchipur an acquaintance with a former lover, Tom Ransome, now a dissolute alcoholic. She also meets and attempts to seduce a distinguished Hindu physician, Dr. Rama Safti, a decent man who is the elderly Maharani's personal choice to succeed her someday.

Safti at first resists, but ultimately succumbs to Edwina's charms and falls hopelessly in love with her. Lord Esketh becomes aware of this, but Safti saves him from a man-eating tiger during a safari. Safti admits his love for Edwina to Lord Esketh, who is now sympathetic toward this good man's plight.

Ransome feels the same way, warning Edwina to stay away from Safti, a friend he admires. Edwina similarly falls into disfavor with the Maharani, who explains that Safti has been raised to lead a pure life and that Edwina is unworthy of him.

Ranchipur suddenly is ravaged by a natural disaster, an earthquake and flood. Dr. Safti is so busy saving lives that he cannot personally care for Edwina, who has fallen ill. Ransome looks after her as well as for young Fern Simon, who has declared her love for him. When a dam is exploded by dynamite and as a result the flood waters recede, it is Dr. Safti who reveals that Ransome is the one who risked his personal safety to save the people of Ranchipur.

Edwina tries to explain to the Maharani that her love for Safti has become true, so much so that she will make the sacrifice of leaving him for his own good. She drives away from Ranchipur with her husband.