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The Rhinemann Exchange (1977)

aka The Rhinemann Exchange

Directed By: 
Details: 300 mins


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Small David Spaulding
Small Leslie Jenner Hawkewood
Small Walter Kendall
Small Gen. Swanson
Small Erich Rhinemann
Small Col. Edmund Pace
Small Ambassador Henderson Granville
Small Bobby Ballard
Small Dr. Eugene Lyons
No_movie_poster Daniel Meehan
No_movie_poster Asher Field
No_movie_poster Heinrich Stolz
Small Col. Barton
Small Geoffrey Moore
Small Franz Altmuller
No_movie_poster Irene
Small Alex Spaulding
No_movie_poster The Creole
No_movie_poster Dietrich
No_movie_poster Anna
No_movie_poster Mrs. Cameron
No_movie_poster Johnny
Small Industrialist
Small German scientist
No_movie_poster Senor Uribe
Small Sergeant
No_movie_poster Dr. Azevedo
Small Lt. Fuentes


No_movie_poster Burt Kennedy Director
No_movie_poster Robert Ludlum Novel
No_movie_poster Richard Collins Screenplay


During World War II, an intelligence officer is dispatched by the U.S. government to arrange an exchange in Argentina of industrial diamonds needed by the Germans for a secret gyroscope needed by the Allies.

Release Dates:

1977-03-10 : United States of America