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The Searchers (1956)

aka The Searchers

"...He had to find her...he had to find her"

Directed By: 
Details: 119 mins · English, Navajo, Spanish


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Small Ethan Edwards
Small Martin Pawley
Small Laurie Jorgensen
Small Debbie Edwards (older)
Small Rev. Capt. Samuel Johnston Clayton
Small Lars Jorgensen
No_movie_poster Mrs. Jorgensen
Small Chief Cicatrice (Scar)
No_movie_poster Charlie McCorry
Small Brad Jorgensen
Small Emilio Gabriel Fernandez y Figueroa
No_movie_poster Mose Harper
No_movie_poster Wild Goose Flying in the Night Sky (Look)
No_movie_poster Aaron Edwards
No_movie_poster Martha Edwards
No_movie_poster Lucy Edwards
Small Lt. Greenhill
Small Debbie Edwards (younger)


Small Merian C. Cooper Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Max Steiner Original Music Composer
Small John Ford Director
No_movie_poster Winton C. Hoch Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Frank S. Nugent Screenplay
No_movie_poster Jack Murray Editor
No_movie_poster Alan Le May Novel
No_movie_poster C.V. Whitney Producer
No_movie_poster Patrick Ford Producer
No_movie_poster Alan Le May Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Jack Murray Editing


"...He had to find her...he had to find her"

"he had to find her...he had to find her."

"he had to find her...he had to find her..."


In 1868, Ethan Edwards (Wayne) returns from the American Civil War, in which he fought for the Confederacy, to the home of his brother Aaron (Walter Coy) in the wilderness of west Texas. Wrongdoing or legal trouble in Ethan's past is suggested by his three-year absence, a large quantity of gold coins in his possession, a Mexican revolutionary war medal that he gives to his young niece Debbie (played as a child by Natalie Wood's sister Lana Wood), and his refusal to take an oath of allegiance to the Texas Rangers, as well as Rev. Samuel Clayton mentioning that Ethan "fits a lot of descriptions".

Shortly after Ethan's arrival, cattle belonging to his neighbor Lars Jorgensen (John Qualen) are stolen, and when Captain Samuel Clayton (Ward Bond) leads Ethan and a group of Rangers to follow the trail, they discover that the theft was a ploy by Comanche to draw the men away from their families. When they return home, they find the Edwards homestead in flames; Aaron, his wife Martha (Dorothy Jordan), and their son Ben (Robert Lyden) dead, and Debbie and her older sister Lucy (Pippa Scott) abducted.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1956-03-13 : United States of America

DVD : 1999-05-18

DVD : 1997-10-29