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The Swap (2016)


Directed By: 
Details: 1 hr. 40 min. mins · English


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Small Ellie
No_movie_poster Jack Malloy
No_movie_poster Summer
No_movie_poster Coach Malloy
No_movie_poster Gunner Malloy
No_movie_poster Stryker Malloy
No_movie_poster Owen
No_movie_poster Porter Gibbs
No_movie_poster Sassy Gaines
No_movie_poster Aspen Bishop
No_movie_poster Mackenzie Wick
No_movie_poster Coach Carol


No_movie_poster Jay Karas Director
No_movie_poster Charlie Shahnaian Writer
No_movie_poster Shari Simpson Writer
No_movie_poster Ric Nish Producer
No_movie_poster Kenneth Burgomaster Music
No_movie_poster David A. Makin Cinematography
No_movie_poster Duncan Christie Film Editor
No_movie_poster Patrick Antosh Costume Design


Frustrated at how complicated their lives have gotten, tenth graders Ellie O'Brien and Jack Malloy text each other wishing they had each other's seemingly easier lifestyle. When they swap bodies, Ellie and Jack must navigate complex family dynamics, bullies, and friendship snafus all while trying to switch back before it's too late.