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The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 1: The Moab Story (2003)

aka The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 1: The Moab Story

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 127 mins · English, French, dutch, Spanish, German


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Small Tulse Luper
Small Passion Hockmeister
Small Jan Palmerion
Small Gunther Zeloty
Small Stephen Figura
Small Percy Hockmeister
No_movie_poster Martino Knockavelli
No_movie_poster Julian Lephrenic
Small Erik van Hoyten
No_movie_poster Hercule
No_movie_poster Pip
Small Cissie Colpitts
Small Tom Fender
No_movie_poster Sophie van Osterhuis
No_movie_poster Ma Fender
No_movie_poster Hans Heiner
No_movie_poster Martino
Small William Gottschalk
No_movie_poster Gerdie Ottanssen
No_movie_poster Emile
No_movie_poster Pierre
No_movie_poster Brodie
No_movie_poster Macey
No_movie_poster David
No_movie_poster Celam
No_movie_poster Donald
No_movie_poster Aga
No_movie_poster Gopel
No_movie_poster Stringly
No_movie_poster Ivor Luper
No_movie_poster Carrie Luper
No_movie_poster Thomas J. Imox
No_movie_poster Gordon
No_movie_poster Luper Autoritat
No_movie_poster Blaise Poignard
No_movie_poster Zelke
No_movie_poster Mare
No_movie_poster Mrs. Warren
No_movie_poster Constantino de Ripa
Small Fastidieux
No_movie_poster Red Fox
No_movie_poster Red Fox
No_movie_poster Red Fox
No_movie_poster Red Fox
No_movie_poster Red Fox
No_movie_poster Arturo Balderman
No_movie_poster Red Fox
No_movie_poster Luper Jove
No_movie_poster Luper Jove
No_movie_poster Luper Jove
No_movie_poster Luper Jove
No_movie_poster Luper Jove
No_movie_poster Cappy Luper
No_movie_poster Guam Ravillion
No_movie_poster Lephrenic
Small Mme. Moitessier
No_movie_poster Paul / Pierre
No_movie_poster Karl-Heinz
No_movie_poster Sesame Esau
No_movie_poster Soldier
No_movie_poster Man in Overalls
Small Actress
Small Actress
Small Joe Maistersinger
No_movie_poster Virgil de Selincourt


No_movie_poster Pep Armengol Casting
No_movie_poster Sharon Howard-Field Casting
No_movie_poster Peter Wooldridge Casting
No_movie_poster Reinier van Brummelen Director of Photography
Small Peter Greenaway Director
No_movie_poster Borut Krzisnik Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Eduardo Polonio Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Elmer Leupen Editor
No_movie_poster Chris Wyatt Editor
No_movie_poster Radica Jovicic Casting
No_movie_poster Kees Kasander Production
No_movie_poster Elmer Leupen Editing


The Tulse Luper Suitcases is a multimedia project by Peter Greenaway, initially intended to comprise three "source" and one feature films, a 16-episode TV series, and 92 DVDs, as well as Web sites, CD-ROMs and books. Once the online Web-based portion of the project was completed: the "winner" having taken a trip following Tulse Luper's travels (and often imprisonment) during his first writings about the discovery of uranium in Moab, Utah in 1928 to his mysterious disappearance at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Two books and three feature films were released to supply material to the Flash/Web designers who competed in a contest to make one of the 92 Flash-based "suitcase" games featured on the interactive, online site The Tulse Luper Journey.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2003-07-18 : Spain

Theatrical : 2004-01-23 : Italy

Theatrical : 2003-11-06 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2007-01-11 : Russia

2003-05-24 : France

2003-06-12 : Italy

2003-09-12 : Canada

2003-06-20 : Russia

2003-09-20 : Germany

2004-07-21 : New Zealand

2004-10-22 : United States of America

2004-04-12 : United States of America

2004-11-22 : Greece

2004-04-09 : Hong Kong