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The Tunnel of Love (1958)

aka The Tunnel of Love

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 98 mins · English


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Small Isolde Poole
Small August 'Augie' Poole
Small Dick Pepper
No_movie_poster Estelle Novick
No_movie_poster Day Motel Man
No_movie_poster Night Motel Man
No_movie_poster Alice Pepper
Small Truck driver
Small Miss MacCracken
No_movie_poster Party Guest


Small Gene Kelly Director
No_movie_poster Joseph Fields Production
No_movie_poster Martin Melcher Production
No_movie_poster Joseph Fields Other
No_movie_poster Jerome Chodorov Other
No_movie_poster Joseph Fields Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Jerome Chodorov Story Contributor
No_movie_poster John McSweeney Jr. Editing


In Westport, Connecticut, Augie and Isolde Poole celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary by turning in an application to the Rock-a-Bye adoption agency. Encouraged by their friends and next-door neighbors, Dick and Alice Pepper, who have three children and another due, Isolde, who has been unsuccessful in her attempts to become pregnant, is determined that she and Augie will eventually be parents. While awaiting news of the application to the agency, Isolde decides that she and Augie should continue to try to have a baby on their own, and she enthusiastically follows all the latest advice by pregnancy experts.

Although exhausted by Isolde's resolve, Augie worries about having a child while they are living off Isolde's family money as he struggles to make a success as a serious cartoonist. Dick, editor of The Townsman magazine, assures Augie that his publication would gladly hire Augie to write gags, but Isolde insists that Augie hold out for a more important offer. Dick criticizes Augie for being too serious, compared to his own lighthearted manner, which, to Augie's dismay, includes perpetual infidelity.

One afternoon some weeks after their application, Estelle Novick, a striking young representative from Rock-a-Bye, visits the Pooles' neighborhood. Having learned of Estelle's presence from other neighbors, Alice takes Isolde home to dress her properly for the interview. When Estelle comes to the Pooles' house, Augie is unaware of her identity and, believing she works for a local charity, drinks two cocktails and behaves casually.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : Austria

Theatrical : 1959-04-24 : Finland

Theatrical : 1959-04-20 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1960-08-11 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1959-05-15 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1958-11-21 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1960-07-22 : France