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The Undead (1957)

aka The Undead

"Terror... that screams from the grave!"

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 71 mins · English


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No_movie_poster Diana Love / Helene
No_movie_poster Pendragon
No_movie_poster Quintus Ratcliff
No_movie_poster Meg Maud
Small Smolkin, the gravedigger
Small The Imp
No_movie_poster Satan
No_movie_poster Innkeeper Scroop
No_movie_poster Corpse
Small The Leper
Small Livia


Small Roger Corman Director
No_movie_poster Charles B. Griffith Writer
No_movie_poster Frank Sullivan Editing


"Terror... that screams from the grave!"

"A thousand years of naked terror!"


A psychic named Quintus Ratcliff (Val Dufour) sends a woman (Pamela Duncan) back in time to find out about her past-life experiences. She goes back as Helene, a woman from the Middle Ages who is to die at dawn under suspicion of being a witch. In an attempt to save Diana and keep all of time from being distorted, Quintis goes back in time to convince Helene to let herself be killed. If she avoids her death, it will change history.

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