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The Undercover Man (1949)

aka The Undercover Man

Directed By: 
Details: 85 mins · English


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Small Frank Warren
Small Judith Warren
Small George Pappas
Small Attorney Edward J. O'Rourke
No_movie_poster Inspector Herzog
Small Joseph S. Horan
No_movie_poster Police Desk Sergeant Shannon
Small Sidney Gordon
No_movie_poster Rosa Rocco
No_movie_poster Maria Rocco
No_movie_poster Theresa Rocco
Small Salvatore Rocco
Small Emanuel 'Manny' Zanger
No_movie_poster Gladys LaVerne
Small Muriel Gordon
No_movie_poster Stanley Weinburg


No_movie_poster Sydney Boehm Screenplay
No_movie_poster Joseph H. Lewis Director
No_movie_poster Jack Rubin Screenplay
Small Robert Rossen Production


Frank Warren is a treasury agent assigned to put an end to the activities of a powerful mob crime boss. The "undercover" agent poses as a criminal to seek out information but is frustrated when all he finds are terrified witnesses and corrupt police officers. Although most informants end up dead, Agent Warren gets critical information about the mob from an unlikely source.