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The Venetian Affair (1967)

aka The Venetian Affair

Directed By: 
Details: 89 mins · English, Italiano


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Small Claire Connor
Small Robert Wahl
Small Giulia Almeranti
Small Dr. Pierre Vaugiroud
Small Mike Ballard
Small Frank Rosenfeld
No_movie_poster Jan Aarvan
No_movie_poster Russo
No_movie_poster Neill Carlson
No_movie_poster Goldsmith
Small Bill Fenner


No_movie_poster Helen MacInnes Novel
No_movie_poster Jerry Thorpe Director
No_movie_poster E. Jack Neuman Writer


A former CIA agent, Bill Fenner, now a downbeat, loner journalist, is sent to Venice to investigate the shock suicide bombing by an American diplomat at a peace conference.

CIA chief Frank Rosenfeld specifically requests Fenner come out of retirement because one of the suspects in the case is Fenner's ex-wife, Sandra Fane, who is believed to be a Communist sympathizer. A secret report by Dr. Vaugiroud could be the key, but Fenner's and Fane's lives are greatly endangered, particularly at the hands of a mysterious man named Wahl, while trying to unravel the plot.