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The Villain Still Pursued Her (1940)

aka The Villain Still Pursued Her

Directed By: 
Details: 66 mins · English


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Small Master of Ceremonies
Small Mary Wilson
Small Mrs. Wilson
Small Silas Cribbs
Small Edward Middleton
Small Hazel Dalton
Small William Dalton
No_movie_poster Julia Middleton
Small Frederick Healy
No_movie_poster Pie Vendor


Small Edward F. Cline Director
No_movie_poster Elbert Franklin Screenplay
No_movie_poster Ethel La Blanche Dialogue


Victorian melodrama gets a big send-up in this spoof production of the old play "The Drunkard; or, The Fallen Saved." The play within the movie is the old one where evil villain Cribbs schemes to get his lusty clutches on the heroine by driving her naive husband to alcoholic ruin. Luckily, a temperance lecturer is on hand to set things straight, as is the great Buster Keaton as the drunkard's brother.