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The Way West (1967)

aka The Way West

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 122 mins · English


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Small Sen. William J. Tadlock
Small Dick Summers
Small Lije Evans
Small Rebecca 'Becky' Evans
Small Mercy McBee
No_movie_poster Amanda Mack
Small Preacher Weatherby
No_movie_poster Sam Fairman
No_movie_poster Brownie Evans
Small Mr. McBee (as Harry Carey)
No_movie_poster Mrs. McBee
No_movie_poster Johnnie Mack
Small Michael Moynihan
No_movie_poster Mrs. Fairman (as Elizabeth Fraser)
Small Little Henry
Small Captain Grant
No_movie_poster Big Henry
Small Middle Henry
No_movie_poster Saunders
No_movie_poster Mr. Turley
No_movie_poster William J. Tadlock Jr.
Small Mr. Masters
No_movie_poster Mrs. Masters
Small Mrs. Turley
No_movie_poster Mrs. Moynihan
Small Calvelli
No_movie_poster Indian Brave


No_movie_poster Andrew V. McLaglen Director
No_movie_poster Harold Hecht Production
No_movie_poster Ben Maddow Writer
No_movie_poster Otho Lovering Editing


U.S. Senator William Tadlock is leaving his home in Missouri in 1843, heading west on the Oregon Trail by wagon train. His son and slave come along, with Dick Summers as a hired guide.

Joining them on the expedition are farmer Lije Evans, his wife Rebecca and 16-year-old son Brownie. Among others there are also the newlyweds Johnnie and Amanda Mack, plus the Fairman and McBee families.

Shy young wife Amanda isn't satisfying his needs, so Johnnie gets drunk and strays with young Mercy McBee. He also shoots at what he drunkenly thinks is a wolf and ends up killing a Sioux chief's son.

Tadlock knows that no other form of justice will do for the Indians if the wagon train is to be permitted to go on its way, so he hangs young Johnnie.

On the trail, it turns out Mercy is now pregnant as well. Brownie proposes marriage to her. Tadlock's son is killed in a stampede, causing the senator to be so distraught, he asks his slave to take a whip to his back.

Lije Evans has seen enough. The last straw comes when Tadlock fakes a smallpox scare to keep soldiers away from the wagons. Tadlock is attacked by Evans, who takes charge of the trek.

Nearly to the end, Rebecca Evans shows the others Tadlock's grand plan, just beyond a steep ravine. They treacherously lower possessions, animals and each other down the steep grade to reach their destination. Amanda Mack, however, emotionally destroyed by the loss of Johnnie, cuts a rope and causes Tadlock to plunge to his death.

Release Dates:

DVD : 2008-05-13