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The Well (1951)

aka The Well

Directed By: 
Written By:  Writer details not available
Details: 86 mins · English


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Small Sheriff Ben Kellogg
No_movie_poster Carolyn Crawford
No_movie_poster Martha Crawford
Small Grandpa Peabody
No_movie_poster Ralph Crawford
No_movie_poster Deputy Mickey McClure
Small Deputy Stan
No_movie_poster Peter
No_movie_poster School Teacher, Miss Peterson
No_movie_poster Mr. Woody, Florist
No_movie_poster Deputy Frank
No_movie_poster Deputy Chet
No_movie_poster Deputy Hal
No_movie_poster Deputy Fred
No_movie_poster Art
No_movie_poster Casey (as Christine Larson)
No_movie_poster Quigley
No_movie_poster Gleason
No_movie_poster Gaines
No_movie_poster Bert, Milkman (as Ed Max)
No_movie_poster Baggage Man
Small Alex Wylie
Small Claude Packard (as Henry Morgan)
Small Sam Packard (as Barry Kelly)
No_movie_poster Chip Williams
No_movie_poster Lois
No_movie_poster Sally
No_movie_poster Student
Small Jim, Mayor
No_movie_poster Dr. Billings
No_movie_poster Lobel
No_movie_poster Manners


No_movie_poster Dimitri Tiomkin Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Ernest Laszlo Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Russell Rouse Director
No_movie_poster Clarence Greene Producer
No_movie_poster Leo C. Popkin Producer
No_movie_poster Chester W. Schaeffer Editor


The film centers around Carolyn, a five-year-old black girl who falls in to an abandoned, overgrown well while picking flowers on her way to school one morning. Her parents seek assistance from Sheriff Ben Kellogg (Richard Rober) to help find their daughter.

Carolyn's disappearance causes anger and confusion in the community, and various rumors quickly spread amongst the white and black populations when a white stranger, Claude Packard (Harry Morgan), is arrested on suspicion of it.

Packard, a mining engineer, is in town visiting his uncle, Sam Packard, a well-known local businessman, who attempts to use his influence to get his nephew out of police custody. This inflames the racial tension further, and when he is approached by Carolyn's relatives outside the police station, he suffers a heart attack but which spreads amongst the white population as a racial attack. Things quickly get out of hand as various black and white gangs starting attacking one another.

The Sheriff requests that the mayor order state assistance to put down the potentially serious disturbances and readies voluntary deputies to break up the growing white mob at Sam Packard's warehouse.

Before events can spiral out of control, Carolyn is found alive in the well but can't be easily extracted. It takes the combined effort of all the townsfolk, and Claude Packard, to safely rescue her and return her to her family.