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The Whisperers (1967)

aka The Whisperers

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 105 mins · English


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Mrs. Ross, an impoverished elderly eccentric living in a ground floor flat in an unnamed town in the North and dependent on welfare, is visited by her criminal son, who hides a package containing a large sum of stolen money in an unused bedroom. Thinking the money is a windfall intended for her, Mrs. Ross makes elaborate plans which she casually confides to a stranger, who pretends to befriend her but actually kidnaps her to obtain the money. Rendered drunk and turned into the elements by her captors, Mrs. Ross contracts pneumonia and barely recovers in hospital. Her sympathetic agent at the welfare bureau finds her and reunites her with her ne'er-do-well husband who deserted her decades ago. Motivated by his own need for stability, he moves back in with her but soon turns to crime, which forces him to flee and desert her again. Having been on the verge of a return to decent living, Mrs. Ross resumes her decayed status as a reclusive derelict of society.