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They Live by Night (1949)

aka They Live by Night

"Cops or no cops I'm going through!"

Directed By: 
Details: 95 mins · English


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Small Keechie
Small Bowie
Small Chickamaw
Small T-Dub
No_movie_poster Mattie
Small Mobley
No_movie_poster Young Farmer
Small Hawkins
No_movie_poster Hagenheimer
No_movie_poster Singer
No_movie_poster Jeweler
No_movie_poster Schreiber
No_movie_poster Comm. Hubbell
No_movie_poster Alvin
Small Lambert
No_movie_poster Plumber


Small Nicholas Ray Director
No_movie_poster Leigh Harline Original Music Composer
Small John Houseman Producer
No_movie_poster Dore Schary Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Charles Schnee Screenplay
No_movie_poster George E. Diskant Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Edward Anderson Novel
Small Nicholas Ray Writer


"Cops or no cops I'm going through!"


Bowie (Granger) escapes from prison with bank robbers Chicamaw (DaSilva) and T-Dub (Flippen). Bowie was unfairly convicted of murder. The three plan to rob a bank. Bowie needs the money to hire a lawyer to prove he's innocent. Bowie, injured in an auto accident, finds refuge with the daughter of the owner of a gas station, Keechie (O'Donnell).

They marry and plan to live an honest life. But then Chicamaw and T-Dub return and demand that Bowie come with them for one more job. Bowie refuses but finds that he is unable to escape from being hunted by the law. He meets a tragic end after he is betrayed. Keechie carries on and is pregnant with their child.

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