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Three Secrets (1950)

Three Secrets (1950)

aka Three Secrets

Directed By: 
Details: 98 mins · English


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Small Susan Adele Connors Chase
Small Phyllis Horn
Small Ann Lawrence
Small Bob Duffy
Small Bill Chase
Small Del Prince
No_movie_poster Hardin
No_movie_poster Mark Harrison
No_movie_poster Mrs. Connors
Small Paul Radin
No_movie_poster Stephani
Small MacDonald
No_movie_poster Johnny Peterson


Small Robert Wise Director
No_movie_poster Martin Rackin Screenplay
No_movie_poster Thomas Reilly Editor
No_movie_poster Gina Kaus Screenplay
No_movie_poster Milton Sperling Producer
No_movie_poster Sid Hickox Director of Photography


A plane crashes in California and a 5-year-old boy survives. Little else is known except the child is an orphan.

Susan Chase believes the boy could be hers. Before she was wed to lawyer Bill Chase, she was involved with a Marine during the war, and became suicidal later, putting their child up for adoption. Bill has never been told Susan's secret.

Newspaper reporter Phyllis Horn investigates the crash. She, too, has a secret, having given birth after a divorce from husband Bob Duffy, who has since remarried.

A third woman, Ann Lawrence, turns up at the crash site. Ann was once a chorus girl, involved with wealthy Gordon Crosley, who spurned her after she became pregnant. Ann shot him and served five years in prison for manslaughter, giving up the baby. The boy appears to be hers, but she believes Susan is better qualified to give the child a good home.

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