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Til Death Us Do Part (1969)

aka Til Death Us Do Part

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 100 mins · English


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No_movie_poster Alf Garnett
No_movie_poster Else Garnett
No_movie_poster Mike Rawlins (the boyfriend)
Small Rita Garnett
Small Mike's Father
No_movie_poster Bert
Small Sergeant
No_movie_poster Fred
Small Valuation Officer


No_movie_poster Norman Cohen Director
No_movie_poster Jon Penington Production
No_movie_poster Johnny Speight Writer


The film begins in September 1939 shortly before World War II begins. Alf Garnett, a dockyard worker, and his wife Else had been married for only a few weeks, and are already weary of one another. The film depicts their lives during the London Blitz. Else eventually gets pregnant to Alf and Else's shock, and they have a baby daughter in 1942. Alf gets called up for military duty but is turned down since he has a family.

Midway through the film it advances 20 years or so from the end of World War II to the 1966 Election. Rita is now a young woman and engaged to Michael Rawlins, a long haired layabout originally from Liverpool. Alf dislikes him because of his long hair and support for the Labour Party. Trouble gets worse when Mike and Rita marry in a Catholic church, angering Alf. Later he fights with Mike's father. But Alf and Mike grow a bit closer, attending the 1966 World Cup final together. The film ends in 1968 with the family moving to a new tower block in Essex after their East End neighbourhood street is demolished.