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Together Again (1944)

aka Together Again

Directed By: 
Written By: 
Details: 93 mins · English


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Small Anne Crandall
Small George Corday
Small Jonathan Crandall Sr
Small Diana Crandall
No_movie_poster Gilbert Parker
Small Jessie
No_movie_poster Morton Buchanan
Small Gilda LaVerne
No_movie_poster Gilbert Parker
No_movie_poster Perc Mather
No_movie_poster Cabby
No_movie_poster Witherspoon
Small Leonardo
Small Miss Thorn


No_movie_poster Charles Vidor Director
No_movie_poster Virginia Van Upp Production
No_movie_poster Virginia Van Upp Writer
No_movie_poster Otto Meyer Editing


The mayor of a Vermont village dies and his much younger wife, Anne Crandall, takes his place in office. She serves the town faithfully for five years, vowing never again to marry.

Father-in-law Jonathan urges Anne to try having a personal life. And when a statue of her late husband for the town square is proposed, stepdaughter Diana suggests that Anne go to New York to commission one from sculptor George Corday.

At a club where a striptease dancer performs, Anne is innocently dining with Corday when something is spilled onto her dress. In the restroom, she removes the dress so an attendant can rinse and press it. Police raid the club and Anne is mistaken for the stripper and placed under arrest.

Corday comes to Vermont, where his expressions of a romantic interest in Anne are misinterpreted by Diana, who announces that she and the artist are engaged. Anne tries to make both jealous by feigning affection for Diana's boyfriend, Gilbert.

Her attempt to keep her arrest a secret go awry when Jonathan blabs it to the local newspaper, hoping Anne will now need to retire from politics and seek romance. It backfires when the voters reject her resignation, but Corday rigs it so the statue must be replaced. Anne comes to see him again and lightning strikes twice.