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Tokyo Story (1953)

aka Tokyo Story

Directed By: 
Details: 136 mins · English, Japanese


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Emotional Movie

An old couple visit their children and grandchildren in the city; but the children have little time for them.

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Small Shukishi Hirayama
No_movie_poster Tomi Hirayama
Small Noriko Hirayama
Small Shige Kaneko
No_movie_poster Koichi Hirayama
No_movie_poster Fumiko Hirayama - his wife
No_movie_poster Kyôko Hirayama
No_movie_poster Fumiko Hirayama
No_movie_poster Sanpei Numata
No_movie_poster Kurazo Kaneko
No_movie_poster Keizo Hirayama
No_movie_poster Osamu Hattori
No_movie_poster Yone Hattori


Small Yasujirô Ozu Director
No_movie_poster Kôgo Noda Writer
Small Yasujirô Ozu Writer
No_movie_poster Yoshiyasu Hamamura Editing
No_movie_poster Takeshi Yamamoto Production


A retired couple, Shukichi and Tomi Hirayama (played by Chishu Ryu and Chieko Higashiyama respectively) live in the town of Onomichi in southwest Japan with their unmarried youngest daughter Kyoko (played by Kyoko Kagawa). The couple travel to Tokyo to visit their son and daughter and daughter-in-law.

Their eldest son, Koichi (So Yamamura), is a pediatrician with two sons. Their eldest daughter, Shige (Haruko Sugimura), runs a hairdressing salon. Koichi and Shige are both busy with work and their families, and do not have much time for their parents. Only the couple's widowed daughter-in-law, Noriko (Setsuko Hara), goes out of her way to entertain them. She takes them on a sightseeing tour of metropolitan Tokyo.

Koichi and Shige pay for their parents' stay at a hot spring spa at Atami, but the parents return early because the nightlife at the hotel interrupts their sleep. When they return, Shige explains that she sent them to Atami because she wanted to use their bedroom for a meeting. Tomi goes to stay with Noriko, whose husband died eight years ago in the war. Tomi advises Noriko to remarry. Shukichi, meanwhile, gets drunk with some old friends, then returns to Shige's salon.

The couple remark on how their children have changed, and they leave for home. During the journey Tomi is taken ill, and they make an unplanned stop at Osaka, where they had planned to meet their youngest son, Keizo (Shiro Osaka), without dismounting from the train. When they reach Onomichi, Tomi becomes critically ill. Koichi, Shige and Noriko rush to Onomichi, on receiving telegrams, to see Tomi, who dies shortly afterwards. Keizo arrives late as he is outstationed.

After the funeral, Koichi, Shige and Keizo decide to leave immediately, with only Noriko not returning. After they leave, Kyoko complains to Noriko that they are selfish and inconsiderate. Noriko responds that everyone has their own life to lead and that the drift between parents and children is inevitable.

After Kyoko leaves for school, Noriko informs her father-in-law that she must return to Tokyo that afternoon. Shukichi tells her that she has treated them best despite not being related by blood. Noriko insists on her own selfishness; Shukichi credits her protests to humility. He gives her a watch from the late Tomi as a memento, and advises her to remarry. Noriko breaks down in tears and confesses her loneliness. At the end, the train with Noriko speeds from Onomichi back to Tokyo, leaving behind Kyoko and Shukichi.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1953-11-03 : Japan

Theatrical : 1964-01-10 : Finland

Theatrical : 1964-10-21 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1965-07-09 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1972-03-13 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1993-12-10 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 1994-01-13 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2003-11-21 : Spain

Theatrical : 2003-12-11 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2004-01-16 : Czech Republic

Theatrical : 2004-12-10 : Greece

Theatrical : 2006-06-28 : France

Theatrical : 2010-01-01 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2010-10-29 : Poland

2011-01-01 : India

1965-06-01 : Australia

2003-07-05 : Czech Republic

2004-09-21 : Greece

2005-09-23 : Brazil

2011-10-24 : Japan

2012-01-13 : India