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Toy Story (1995)

aka Toy Story

"The adventure takes off!"

Directed By: 
Details: 81 mins · English · G (USA)


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The effects in this is fantastic, the story of toys coming to live is not new, but still excellent made in this movie.

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one of my favorite animated films!!

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Small Sarge
Small Buzz Lightyear (voice)
Small Mr. Potato Head (voice)
Small Rex (voice)
Small Slinky Dog (voice)
No_movie_poster Andy (voice)
Small Hamm (voice)
Small Bo Peep (voice)
Small Sid (voice)
Small Andy's Mom (voice)
Small Sergeant (voice)
No_movie_poster Hannah (voice)
Small Sheriff Woody
Small TV Announcer


Small Andrew Stanton Screenplay
Small Lee Unkrich Editor
Small John Lasseter Director
No_movie_poster Ralph Eggleston Art Direction
No_movie_poster Randy Newman Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Robert Gordon Editor
Small Joss Whedon Screenplay
No_movie_poster Joel Cohen Screenplay
No_movie_poster Alec Sokolow Screenplay
No_movie_poster Bonnie Arnold Producer
No_movie_poster Ed Catmull Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Ralph Guggenheim Producer
No_movie_poster Steve Jobs Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Joe Ranft Story Contributor
Small John Lasseter Story Contributor
Small Andrew Stanton Story Contributor
Small Pete Docter Story Contributor
Small Lee Unkrich Editing


"The adventure takes off!"

"The Toys Are Back in Town."

"Hang on for the comedy that goes to infinity and beyond!"


Woody (Tom Hanks) is a pull-string cowboy doll and leader of a group of toys that belong to a boy named Andy Davis (John Morris), which act lifeless when humans are present. With his family moving homes one week before his birthday, Andy is given a week early party to spend with his friends. The toys stage a reconnaissance mission to discover Andy's new presents. Andy receives a space ranger Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) action figure, whose impressive features see him replacing Woody as Andy's favorite toy. Woody is resentful, especially as Buzz also gets attention from the other toys. However Buzz believes himself to be a real space ranger on a mission to return to his home planet, as Woody fails to convince him he is a toy.

Andy prepares for a family outing at the space themed Pizza Planet restaurant. His mother tells him he can only bring one toy. Woody attempts to be picked instead of Buzz by trapping Buzz in a gap behind Andy's desk, but the plan goes disastrously wrong when he accidentally knocks Buzz out the window, resulting in him being accused of murdering Buzz out of jealousy. With Buzz missing, Andy takes Woody to Pizza Planet, but Buzz climbs into the car and confronts Woody when they stop at a gas station. The two fight and fall out of the car, which drives off and leaves them behind. Woody spots a truck bound for Pizza Planet and plans to rendezvous with Andy there, convincing Buzz to come with him by telling him it will take him to his home planet. Once at Pizza Planet, Buzz makes his way into a claw game machine shaped like a spaceship, thinking it to be the ship Woody promised him. Inside, he finds squeaky aliens who revere the claw arm as their master. Woody clambers into the machine after Buzz, but they are interrupted when Andy's neighbor Sid Phillips (Erik Von Detten), arrives and operates the machine. Spotting a Buzz Lightyear amidst the squeaky aliens, Sid maneuvers the claw to pick up Buzz. In the ensuing struggle the aliens force Buzz and Woody towards the claw and they are captured. Woody is horrified because of Sid's reputation for torturing and destroying toys.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 1995-11-22 : United States of America

Theatrical : 1995-11-19 : Hollywood

Theatrical : 1995-11-22 : Canada

Theatrical : 1995-12-07 : Australia

Theatrical : 1995-12-22 : Brazil

Theatrical : 1995-12-23 : South Korea

Theatrical : 1995-12-25 : Colombia

Theatrical : 1995-12-25 : Uruguay

Theatrical : 1996-02-16 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 1996-03-07 : Singapore

Theatrical : 1996-03-08 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1996-03-14 : Argentina

Theatrical : 1996-03-14 : Spain

Theatrical : 1996-03-15 : Norway

Theatrical : 1996-03-21 : Germany

Theatrical : 1996-03-21 : Mexico

Theatrical : 1996-03-22 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1996-03-22 : Ireland

DVD : 2000-10-17

DVD : 2001-03-20

DVD : 2010-05-11