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True Story of Jesse James (1957)

aka True Story of Jesse James

Directed By: 
Details: 92 mins · English


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Small Jesse James
No_movie_poster Rowena Cobb
No_movie_poster Anne James
Small Charley Ford
Small Maj. Rufus Cobb
Small Jim Younger
No_movie_poster Dr. Samuel
Small Sheriff Hillstrom
No_movie_poster Arkew
No_movie_poster Attorney Walker
Small Rev. Jethro Bailey
Small Mrs. Samuel
Small Frank James
Small Zee James
Small Barney Remington


Small Nicholas Ray Director
No_movie_poster Walter Newman Writer
No_movie_poster Nunnally Johnson Writer
No_movie_poster Robert L. Simpson Editing


Jesse (Robert Wagner) and Frank James (Jeffrey Hunter) ride with their gang into Northfield, Minnesota for a raid. While robbing a bank, gun fighting breaks out and two of the gang are killed. The James Brothers and another gang member head out of town and hide out while investigators from the Remington Detective Agency search for James to receive a $30,000 reward. While the three are hiding, the film tells the story of how the James Brothers came to be criminals in flashback.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : United States of America

Theatrical : 2007-04-04 : France

Theatrical : 1957-05-17 : Austria

Theatrical : 1959-01-30 : Denmark

Theatrical : 1957-09-05 : Portugal

Theatrical : 1957-04-20 : Sweden

Theatrical : 1957-03-22 : New York City

Theatrical : 1958-03-13 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 1957-07-03 : France

Theatrical : 1957-07-26 : Finland

Theatrical : 1957-05-22 : Japan

Theatrical : 1957-04-09 : West Germany

Theatrical : 1957-05-29 : Italy