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Two Smart People (1946)

aka Two Smart People

Directed By: 
Details: 93 mins · English


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Small Ricki Woodner
Small Ace Connors
Small Bob Simms
Small Rodriquez, Dept. of Agriculture
No_movie_poster Maria Ynez, Inn of the 4 Winds
Small Fly Feletti
Small Dwight Chadwick
Small Monsieur Jacques Dufour
No_movie_poster Jose
Small Porter


Small Karl Freund Director of Photography
Small Jules Dassin Director
No_movie_poster George Bassman Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Ethel Hill Screenplay
No_movie_poster Chester W. Schaeffer Editor
No_movie_poster Leslie Charteris Screenplay
No_movie_poster Ralph Wheelwright Story
No_movie_poster Allan Kenward Story


Ace Connors is a con man. He's got phony stock certificates hidden in a cookbook. When he tries to sell a bogus oil investment to Dwight Chadwick at a Beverly Hills hotel, Dwight's attractive friend, Ricki Woodner, intervenes with a scam of her own.

Ace is about to go to prison on another rap. He cuts a deal to reduce his sentence by testifying. This doesn't please his former partner in crime, Fly Feletti.

A cop, Bob Simms, is assigned to accompany Ace on the train from Los Angeles to New York. The passengers include Ricki, who is falling for Ace and wants to help, and Fly, who wants Ace not to get to New York.

Along the way, Ace and Ricki manage to get off the train in New Orleans to enjoy Mardi Gras together. He gives her the certificates for safekeeping. Fly makes his move, but Simms is able to beat him to the draw. Ace fears that con artist Ricki has taken it on the lam with his dough, but she turns up in the end, ready to wait for Ace till he's out of Sing Sing.