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Untraceable (2008)

aka Untraceable

"A cyber killer has finally found the perfect accomplice: You."

Directed By: 
Details: 101 mins · English · R (USA)


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Small Agent Jennifer Marsh
Small Detective Eric Box
Small Griffin Dowd
Small Owen Reilly
Small Stella Marsh
No_movie_poster Richard Brooks
Small Annie Haskins
No_movie_poster Tim Wilks
No_movie_poster Detective Tom Moy
No_movie_poster Melanie
No_movie_poster Richard Weymouth
No_movie_poster David Williams


Small Gary Lucchesi Producer
No_movie_poster Richard S. Wright Producer
No_movie_poster James McQuaide Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Deborah Aquila Casting
No_movie_poster Hawk Koch Producer
No_movie_poster Gregory Hoblit Director
No_movie_poster David Rosenbloom Editor
No_movie_poster Christopher Young Music
No_movie_poster Anastas N. Michos Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Elisabetta Beraldo Costume Design
No_movie_poster Eric Reid Producer
No_movie_poster Andy Cohen Producer
No_movie_poster Steven Pearl Producer
No_movie_poster Sarah Platt Producer
No_movie_poster Paul Eads Production Design
No_movie_poster Jennifer L. Smith Casting
No_movie_poster Mary Tricia Wood Casting
No_movie_poster Robert Fyvolent Screenplay
No_movie_poster Mark Brinker Screenplay
No_movie_poster Allison Burnett Screenplay
No_movie_poster Tom Rosenberg Producer
No_movie_poster Robert Fyvolent Story Contributor
No_movie_poster David Rosenbloom Editing
No_movie_poster Gregory Plotkin Editing


"A cyber killer has finally found the perfect accomplice: You."


Special Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) is a widowed single parent living in a suburban Portland home with her daughter, Annie Haskins (Perla Haney-Jardine), and her mother, Stella Marsh (Mary Beth Hurt). At night, she works in the FBI's cybercrime division with Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks), fighting identity theft and similar crimes. One night, an anonymous tip leads them to a website called KillWithMe.com. The site features a streaming video of a kitten being tortured and killed. The website cannot be shut down, as the creator knew that someone would try and built into it a fail-safe; every time the server is closed, a mirror server immediately replaces it.

After the kitten's death, KillWithMe.com's webmaster graduates to human victims and makes their deaths correlate directly with the number of hits the site receives. At a press conference, the public is urged to avoid the website, but as Jennifer feared this only increases the site's popularity. The videos are recorded in the killer's basement and his various victims include a helicopter pilot (bled to death by injections of anticoagulant), a newscaster (burnt to death by heat lamps while cemented into the floor), and Griffin Dowd (killed by slowly increasing the concentration of sulfuric acid solution in which he is submerged up to his neck).

At first it seems the victims were randomly chosen, but this is revealed to be untrue: the first two victims were chosen because they were part of filming or presenting the suicide of a junior college teacher. The teacher's unstable techno prodigy son, Owen Reilly (Joseph Cross), broke down and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. When released, he decided to prove a point; that the public's interest in the suffering of others is insatiable, as well as to wreak vengeance on those he felt had exploited his father's death. Griffin was killed because he came close to discovering the murderer's identity, and Jennifer is soon targeted after figuring this out as well.

Captured by Owen, Jennifer escapes her death by cultivator by swinging out of the way while dangling from the ceiling. She breaks free and pins down the murderer, fatally shooting Owen on his own website as the police arrive. As the film ends, Jennifer displays her FBI badge and the scene closes with a shot of the dwindling chatter in the website's chat room, showing statements being made such as "a genius died today" as well as "glad the killer is dead", and a final comment asking whether the video could be downloaded.

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2008-01-25 : United States of America

DVD : 2008-05-13