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V for Vendetta (2005)

aka V for Vendetta

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

Directed By: 
Details: 132 mins · English · R (USA)


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Viva La Cinema

A cinematic masterpiece. This movie has become a cornerstone for activists everywhere, with good reason. Just look at anonyous' "mascot", the Guy Fawkes mask, a symbol of rebellion worldwide. This movie really does capture the essence of rebellion in a film, and is a must watch.

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I don't know what to expect from a movie.It's the best political thriller I've ever watched.

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Small Evey Hammond
Small V
Small Chief Inspector Eric Finch
Small Gordon Deitrich
Small Chancellor Adam Sutler
Small Peter Creedy
No_movie_poster Valerie
Small Dominic Stone
Small Lewis Prothero
Small Dascomb
Small Delia Surridge
No_movie_poster Anthony James Lilliman
Small Brian Etheridge
No_movie_poster Guy Fawkes
No_movie_poster Guy Fawkes Lover
No_movie_poster Tweed Coat Fingerman
No_movie_poster Willy Fingerman
Small Baldy Fingerman
No_movie_poster Little Glasses Girl
No_movie_poster Conrad Heyer
No_movie_poster Patricia
No_movie_poster BTN News Poppet
No_movie_poster BTN News Poppet
No_movie_poster Vicky
No_movie_poster Fred
No_movie_poster Storm Saxon
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Small Jones
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No_movie_poster Bureaucrat
No_movie_poster Denis
No_movie_poster Operator
No_movie_poster Operator
Small Young Valerie
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No_movie_poster Valerie's Mother
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No_movie_poster Parliament General
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No_movie_poster Joel Silver Producer
No_movie_poster Lucinda Syson Casting
No_movie_poster Ben Waisbren Executive Producer
No_movie_poster Adam Kirley Stunts
No_movie_poster Adrian Biddle Director of Photography
No_movie_poster Grant Hill Producer
No_movie_poster Paul Engelen Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Martin Walsh Editor
Small Lilly Wachowski Screenplay
Small Lana Wachowski Screenplay
No_movie_poster Owen Paterson Production Design
No_movie_poster Henning Molfenter Producer
No_movie_poster Charlie Woebcken Producer
No_movie_poster James McTeigue Director
No_movie_poster Jessica Alan Producer
No_movie_poster Roberto Malerba Producer
No_movie_poster Dario Marianelli Original Music Composer
No_movie_poster Peter Walpole Set Decoration
No_movie_poster Sammy Sheldon Costume Design
No_movie_poster Marco Bittner Rosser Art Direction
No_movie_poster Sarah Horton Art Direction
No_movie_poster Sebastian T. Krawinkel Art Direction
No_movie_poster Andreas Schulz Stunts
No_movie_poster Christian Petersson Stunts
No_movie_poster Antje Rau Stunt Coordinator
No_movie_poster Jan Böhme Stunts
No_movie_poster Daniel Bohn Stunts
No_movie_poster Michael Bornhütter Stunts
No_movie_poster Stuart Clark Stunts
No_movie_poster Talila Craig Stunts
No_movie_poster David Cronnelly Stunts
No_movie_poster Nicolas de Pruyssenaere Stunts
No_movie_poster Ivonne Dietzel Stunts
No_movie_poster Oliver Fritsche Stunts
No_movie_poster Michael Gast Stunts
No_movie_poster Thorsten Gliewe Stunts
No_movie_poster Eduart Geber Stunts
No_movie_poster Sascha Girndt Stunts
No_movie_poster Martin Goeres Stunts
No_movie_poster Uwe Gösche Stunts
No_movie_poster Wanja Götz Stunts
No_movie_poster Siegfried Gordes Stunts
No_movie_poster Matthias Günther Stunts
No_movie_poster Alexander Hardt Stunts
No_movie_poster Udo Harnach Stunts
No_movie_poster Cyrille Hertel Stunts
No_movie_poster Timo Honsa Stunts
No_movie_poster Eunice Huthart Stunts
No_movie_poster Rob Inch Stunts
No_movie_poster Tomas Jester Stunts
No_movie_poster Heiko Kiesow Stunts
Small Mathis Landwehr Stunts
No_movie_poster Stefan Langel Stunts
No_movie_poster Wolfgang Lindner Stunts
No_movie_poster Udo Lüttich Stunts
No_movie_poster Mike Luft Stunts
No_movie_poster Alexandra Nazahn Stunts
No_movie_poster James O'Donnell Stunts
No_movie_poster Jason Oettle Stunts
No_movie_poster Markus Papiernek Stunts
No_movie_poster Thorsten Rapst Stunts
No_movie_poster Swen Raschka Stunts
No_movie_poster Katja Richter Stunts
No_movie_poster Armin Sauer Stunts
No_movie_poster Matthias Schendel Stunts
No_movie_poster Babette Schimanek Stunts
No_movie_poster Bernhard Schirmer Stunts
No_movie_poster Karsten Schmidt Stunts
No_movie_poster Rene Schobes Stunts
No_movie_poster Katrin Schrake Stunts
No_movie_poster Thierry Saelens Stunts
No_movie_poster Andy Smart Stunts
No_movie_poster Mark Southworth Stunts
No_movie_poster Wolfgang Stegemann Stunts
No_movie_poster Matthew Stirling Stunts
No_movie_poster Rocky Taylor Stunts
No_movie_poster Steve Thiede Stunts
No_movie_poster Andreas Tietz Stunts
No_movie_poster Ralf Tillmann Stunts
No_movie_poster Vladimir Vilanov Stunts
No_movie_poster Rainer Werner Stunts
No_movie_poster Oliver Wiesner Stunts
No_movie_poster Harvey Harrison Second Unit
No_movie_poster Barbara Berkery Dialect Coach
No_movie_poster Jean Bourne Script Supervisor
No_movie_poster Stephen Bream Art Direction
No_movie_poster Stephan O. Gessler Assistant Art Director
No_movie_poster Cornelia Ott Assistant Art Director
No_movie_poster Christian Schaefer Assistant Art Director
No_movie_poster Roxy Konrad Art Department Coordinator
No_movie_poster Ulli Isfort Set Decoration Buyer
No_movie_poster Uli Fischer Set Decoration Buyer
No_movie_poster Peter Popken Conceptual Design
No_movie_poster Dermot Power Conceptual Design
No_movie_poster Axel Eichhorst Production Illustrator
No_movie_poster Simon-Julien Boucherie Picture Car Coordinator
No_movie_poster Edgar Konkoll Standby Painter
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No_movie_poster Maren Hollje Art Department Assistant
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No_movie_poster Felix Weddige Electrician
No_movie_poster Dietmar Haupt Rigging Gaffer
No_movie_poster Heiko Jörke Grip
No_movie_poster Daniel Alvermann Grip
No_movie_poster Helko Klünder Grip
No_movie_poster Brian 'Joker' Mulvey Grip
No_movie_poster Christian Scheibe Grip
No_movie_poster Bronwyn Preston Unit Publicist
No_movie_poster David Appleby Still Photographer
No_movie_poster Petra Wellenstein Costume Supervisor
No_movie_poster Anna Isabell Logen Set Costumer
No_movie_poster Dietke Brandt Set Costumer
No_movie_poster Jeremy Woodhead Hairstylist
No_movie_poster Petra Schaumann Makeup Artist
No_movie_poster Klaus Mielich Special Effects Coordinator
No_movie_poster Alison Carter First Assistant Editor
No_movie_poster Lee Thomas Editor
No_movie_poster Beatrix Niemeyer Editor
No_movie_poster Mark Cullis Editor
No_movie_poster Adam Cocker Post Production Assistant
No_movie_poster Glenn Freemantle Supervising Sound Editor
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No_movie_poster Gillian Dodders Dialogue Editor
No_movie_poster Lee Herrick ADR & Dubbing
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No_movie_poster Markus Bensch Location Manager
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No_movie_poster Marcus Loges Production Manager
No_movie_poster Damian Anderson Production Manager
No_movie_poster Anja Wedell Production Manager
No_movie_poster Katharina Gapski Production Manager
No_movie_poster Paul Melzow Producer
No_movie_poster Kathrin Krückeberg Producer
No_movie_poster Neil Chaplin Production Accountant
No_movie_poster Kristov Brändli Production Accountant
No_movie_poster Iris Müller Casting
No_movie_poster Monika Klatt Set Medic
No_movie_poster Thomas Rucks Set Medic
No_movie_poster Matt Curtis Stand In
No_movie_poster Jens Grulke Stand In
No_movie_poster Natascha Gutschmidt Stand In
No_movie_poster Nils Lange Stand In
No_movie_poster Sandrine Loisy Stand In
No_movie_poster Ian Mitchell Stand In
No_movie_poster Sarah Penger Stand In
No_movie_poster Glenn West Stand In
No_movie_poster Sebastian Neitsch Transportation Coordinator
No_movie_poster Inga Meissner Transportation Captain
No_movie_poster Miki Emmrich Second Unit
No_movie_poster David Lloyd Writer
No_movie_poster Joel Silver Production
Small Lana Wachowski Production
No_movie_poster Lorne Orleans Production
Small Lilly Wachowski Production
No_movie_poster Alan Moore Story Contributor
No_movie_poster David Lloyd Story Contributor


"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

"Freedom! Forever!"


In the late 2020s, the world is in turmoil and warfare, while the United Kingdom remains stable under the fascist regime of the Norsefire party. Political prisoners, homosexuals and other undesirables are imprisoned in concentration camps. Evey Hammond, a woman who works at the state-run British Television Network, is rescued from an attempted rape by members of the "Fingermen" secret police by a Guy Fawkes-masked vigilante known as "V". He leads her to a rooftop to watch his destruction of the Old Bailey. Norsefire explains away the incident as an "emergency demolition" of a structurally unsound building, but V takes over the television broadcasts to claim responsibility. He urges the people of Britain to rise up against their government and meet him in one year, on November 5, outside the Houses of Parliament, which he promises to destroy. Evey helps V to escape, but is knocked out in the process.

V brings Evey back to his lair, the Shadow Gallery, where she is told she must stay in hiding until the fifth of November, Guy Fawkes Night, the following year. After learning that V is killing government officials, she escapes to the home of her boss, comedian and talk show host Gordon Deitrich. In return for Evey's trusting him with her safety, Deitrich reveals to her a collection of prohibited materials such as subversive paintings, an antique Quran, and homoerotic photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe. Deitrich explains that he has to conceal his sexuality to retain his television career. After he does an over-the-top satire of the government on his television show, his home is raided, and Evey is captured while trying to escape. She is incarcerated and tortured for days for information about V, with her only solace in the notes written by another prisoner, an actress named Valerie Page, who was arrested for being a lesbian.

Evey is told that she will be executed unless she reveals V's location, but when she says she would rather die she is immediately released, at which point it is revealed that her imprisonment and torture were staged by V as an exercise to free her from her fears. The notes are real, having been passed by Valerie to V years earlier when he was similarly imprisoned. Although Evey initially hates V for what he did to her, she realizes she is a stronger person. She leaves him with a promise to return before November 5.

Inspector Finch, Scotland Yard's chief of police, searches for the true identity of V, eventually tracing him back to a bioweapons program at a detention centre for "social deviants" and political dissidents in Larkhill. Finch eventually realizes that the program, directed by then-under secretary Adam Sutler, resulted in the creation of the "St. Mary's Virus" and its release in a false flag terrorist attack. The deaths of 80,000 people and the resulting fear allowed the Norsefire party to win the next election, thereafter silencing all opposition and turning the United Kingdom into a totalitarian state.

As November 5 nears, V's distribution of thousands of Guy Fawkes masks begins causing chaos in the UK and the population starts questioning Norsefire's rule. On the eve of the 5th, Evey visits V, who shows her an explosive-laden train in the abandoned London Underground set to destroy Parliament. He leaves it up to Evey to decide whether to use it, believing that he is unfit to decide. V leaves to meet secret police chief Creedy, who made a deal with V to hand over Sutler in exchange for V's surrender. When Creedy executes Sutler as V watches, V refuses to surrender and is shot by Creedy's bodyguards. V survives, partially because of his concealed armour, and kills Creedy and his men. Mortally wounded, V returns to Evey to thank her and admits he is in love with her before dying in her arms.

As Evey places V's body aboard the train, she is found by Finch. Having learned much about the corruption of the Norsefire regime, Finch allows Evey to send the train on its way. Thousands of Londoners, all wearing the Guy Fawkes masks and unarmed, march on Parliament to watch the event. Since Sutler and Creedy are dead and no one is left to give the fire order, the military stands down in the face of a civil rebellion. Accompanied by the 1812 Overture, Parliament and Big Ben are destroyed as Evey and Finch look on. Finch asks Evey for the identity of V, to which she replies, "He was all of us."

Release Dates:

Theatrical : 2005-12-11 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : United States of America

Theatrical : 2006-02-23 : Finland

Theatrical : 2006-03-15 : Philippines

Theatrical : 2006-03-16 : Germany

Theatrical : 2006-03-16 : Hong Kong

Theatrical : 2006-03-16 : Singapore

Theatrical : 2006-03-16 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2006-03-16 : Thailand

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Austria

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Canada

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Ireland

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Italy

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Mexico

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Norway

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : South Korea

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Sweden

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : Taiwan

Theatrical : 2006-03-17 : United Kingdom

Theatrical : 2006-03-23 : Portugal

Theatrical : 2006-03-24 : Denmark

Theatrical : 2006-03-24 : Finland

Theatrical : 2006-03-24 : Iceland

Theatrical : 2006-03-29 : Belgium

Theatrical : 2006-03-30 : Australia

Theatrical : 2006-03-30 : Greece

Theatrical : 2006-03-30 : Israel

Theatrical : 2006-03-30 : Netherlands

Theatrical : 2006-03-31 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2006-03-31 : Turkey

Theatrical : 2006-04-06 : Argentina

Theatrical : 2006-04-07 : Brazil

Theatrical : 2006-04-07 : Panama

Theatrical : 2006-04-07 : Poland

Theatrical : 2006-04-07 : Spain

Theatrical : 2006-04-13 : Ecuador

Theatrical : 2006-04-19 : France

Theatrical : 2006-04-19 : Switzerland

Theatrical : 2006-04-20 : Czech Republic

Theatrical : 2006-04-20 : Hungary

Theatrical : 2006-04-20 : Russia

Theatrical : 2006-04-20 : Slovakia

Theatrical : 2006-04-20 : Slovenia

Theatrical : 2006-04-21 : Bulgaria

Theatrical : 2006-04-26 : Egypt

Theatrical : 2006-04-28 : Estonia

Theatrical : 2006-04-28 : Lithuania

Theatrical : 2006-04-29 : Japan

Theatrical : 2006-05-10 : Kuwait

DVD : 2006-08-01 : United States of America

Blu-ray disc : 2008-05-20

2006-02-13 : Germany

2009-04-04 : Turkey