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Vengeance Valley (1951)

Vengeance Valley (1951)

aka Vengeance Valley

Directed By: 
Details: 83 mins · English


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Small Owen Daybright
Small Lee Strobie
Small Jen Strobie
Small Lily Fasken
Small Hub Fasken
No_movie_poster Hewie
Small Arch Strobie
Small Herb Backett
Small Dick Fasken
Small Mr. Willoughby


Small Richard Thorpe Director
No_movie_poster Nicholas Nayfack Production
No_movie_poster Irving Ravetch Writer
No_movie_poster Luke Short Writer
No_movie_poster Conrad A. Nervig Editing


Owen Daybright is ranch foreman and Lee Strobie is the son of Colorado cattleman Arch Strobie, who adopted Owen 15 years ago.

Lily Fasken gives birth and won't identify the father. Her brothers Hub and Dick believe that Owen is responsible. They know he gave her $500 to take care of the baby, but aren't aware Owen did so on Lee's behalf. The brothers pick a fight with Owen and are put behind bars for a week, vowing to get even as soon as they're out.

Lee is married to Jen, who is unaware he has been unfaithful. Lee also is ambitious. He says he'll leave forever unless Arch grants him a half-interest in the ranch, now rather than later. Arch agrees, saying Owen can inherit the other half after the old man dies.

Arch blurts out that Lee withdrew $500 in gold from the bank, causing Jen to realize that her husband is the father of Lily's baby. She wants to leave him, but is persuaded by Owen to stay and try to work things out.

Jen locks Lee out of their bedroom. Lee gets drunk and mistakenly believes she and Owen are carrying on behind his back. He schemes to get rid of Owen and make a fortune at the same time by conspiring with Hub and Dick to ambush Owen on a cattle roundup.

On the trail, Lee sells 3,000 head of Arch's cattle. He does it secretly, but Owen learns about it. Lee pretends that he just wants his share of the money and will be leaving Jen and the ranch permanently, but he lures Owen into a trap.

Hub and Dick hide, waiting for them. Owen is shot and wounded, but he kills Dick and his men ride up to do away with Hub. When he catches up with Lee, in a stream, they shoot it out and Lee ends up dead.