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Vicki (1953)

aka Vicki

Directed By: 
Details: 85 mins · English


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Small Vicki Lynn
Small Steve Christopher
Small Lt. Ed Cornell
Small Larry Evans (as Casey Adams)
Small Robin Ray (as Alex D'Arcy)
No_movie_poster Detective McDonald
No_movie_poster Harry Williams
Small Jill Lynn


No_movie_poster Leigh Harline Original Music Composer
Small Milton R. Krasner Director of Photography
Small Harry Horner Director
No_movie_poster Dorothy Spencer Editor
No_movie_poster Steve Fisher Novel
No_movie_poster Dwight Taylor Writer
No_movie_poster Leonard Goldstein Producer
No_movie_poster Leo Townsend Writer
No_movie_poster Steve Fisher Story Contributor
No_movie_poster Dorothy Spencer Editing


Vicki Lynn (Jean Peters) is a waitress who is transformed into a fashion model by press agent Steve Christopher (Elliott Reid). When Vicki is murdered, detective Ed Cornell (Richard Boone) tries to blame the crime on Christopher.

In fact, the cop knows who the real killer is, but he is so hopelessly in love with the dead girl that he intends to railroad an innocent man to the electric chair. With the help of Vicki's sister Jill (Jeanne Crain), Christopher tracks down the real killer and exposes the crooked cop Cornell.